Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

i couldnt complete blue blighted maps t11 and above with 2 mill dps build, and now they increase the diccifulty?
i guess i ll just skip blight encounters, luckily they are not intrusive so that is an option, i quit this league on the 4th or 5th week due to blight league being extremely bad idiotic 1 shot league. The only plus side was the reward system, but that is it, every time i saw a blight i was like oh shit, not this bs again....
Awesome. Very glad
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How much golden oil will be?
a: 5ex
b: 10ex
c: 20ex
d: 50ex
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Ha hahaha! Really?
WHY do you ADD one of the BADLY leagues of all time?
The BLIGHT content WORST in every ways.
What a bad desicion...
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Considering that oils will be part of the core game now they will get slots in the currency tab I assume?

Good call on the implementation into core, annoints really were quite a nice addition to the game. Probably gonna take a while to get a set of golden oils next league though.

Not sure I'm sold on the scaling but we will see if this works out.
Now that they're rarer you can justify making them have discrete waves like real tower defense games, so that you can upgrade towers properly. It will be slightly more time consuming but the rarity of the encounter and value of oils will compensate for that.
Hello, I believe a large number of the community has neglected the Towers for a specific reason. Stopping to activate a tower can be deadly and has a fairly significant downtime. Could you add instead of a countdown timer a map of towers. We could allocate priority to the towers so we don't have to stop and click on them, perhaps causing a deadly misclick. It could be optional to place priority and it would give you a better idea of the lane outlay. Just a suggestion honestly love the idea of tower defense. Keep up the good work GGG. <3 XD
like some ppl already said, u should have done what u will do way sonner, increase blight maps drop rate
Gross. Blight is terrible
The chance of Blighted Maps dropping has been significantly increased compared to their previous drop rate.

You should have done it this league.

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