Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

Yessss so happy its going core !! Maybe its not the best league as a main mechanic but blight maps once in a while is fun !
My opinion:

You should not have made Cassia a standard master encounter.
Instead you should have just made blighted maps a core game drop. Cassia in normal areas or normal maps is useless. It is neither a chanllenge nor giving anything. The blighted maps on the other hand are really a lot of fun, just sadly way too rare.
Please use for your guides instead of pastebin!
Blighted maps needed to have waves button or a speed up timer. I don't care much for them as they were either too hard for my builds or too easy and boring. I really enjoyed blighted maps before the nerf/patch but obviously would crash. Afterwards they seemed so boring. I could care less for blight now except for the oils. Bring back synthesis and bestiary new throwing. I always enjoy doing something other than walking through maps. Thanks.
Cooliosis, I don't mind this, annoiting was something that made you really think about the choices you made when making your passive tree. Plus more chase uniques :D
nice Thks!!!! :D
I really enjoyed blight content so this is great news :)
can't say i liked blighted maps. blight was kind of ok but only if there were less than 2 lines away from the pump
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I'm pretty new and only got to play a couple weeks of blight. So, I don't have all the raging baggage in my opinion of blight.

Glad to see it being integrated, so I get a chance to play more of it in the future.
Please just remove Blight.
Time-gated stuff is soo bad.

I honestly wish that blight mechanics were kept simply to blighted maps which came from an external source (div cards, zana etc.) because it feels like such a diversion from the base game. I didnt like stopping my usual gameflow to play a subpar tower defense game every map during the league and Ill enjoy it even less when Im not prepared for it now that its core.
But, I know a lot of people really liked blight and Im happy for those people that they wont lose that content.

At least we get to keep our oils ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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