Your Conquerors of the Atlas Questions Answered - Part One

Can you please don't fuck too much with people that play SSF exclusively? Like don't make it extremely hard/expensive to remove/revamp the atlas, in the past, wasting sextants was awful and unnecessarily expensive, i'd rather use my sextants to juice up my maps...
Shits starting to look a bit convoluted. Adding shit just to be able to say you added content isn't always the best strategy.
T15 Cowards HOOOoooo
Can we have explanation about single map farming, is it now impossible as it were and what's the big idea about this nerf?
All good questions/answers but we're missing one: How about Atlas completion in Standard? Previously on a series change you'd simply run a corrupted t:15 or guardian and the atlas auto completes. Is this still the case? Do we get watchstone drops from completing that corrupted map from the previous series?
Awaiting Random Challenge:

Defeat the Hall of the Grand Masters at T16.

**LAUGHS in Dr. Evil**
You know what I'd really like to see? Those roads that connect maps actually open whenever you kill a boss of the map.. where you can randomly travel the road and have surprise enemies and such as you path to the next map like a continuous run. Having this as an option along side of just running maps would allow more of an adventure experience while getting completion along the way.. just a thought..
"just wait and see" isn't that i expected from "conquerors of the atlas questions answered", but whatever.
im kinda out of info.

What the hell is Watchstones can anyone help?
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
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