Your Conquerors of the Atlas Questions Answered - Part One

again, nice changes, too bad about elder/shaper/uberelder being behind rng.
i am probably in the minority here, but im really excited to be able to scale up... cowards trial. i miss when it was a mid tier. im excited to run that thing at a high level. its a good map when im watching the kids or watching football.
Supporter packs when? I thaught it to be last week tbh...
Lakh wrote:
Watchstones are quest items?

Hoping there's some loosening up on quest items in stashes then... a situation where watchstones have to be either in your inventory or socketed doesn't sound great.

Although if watchstone effects are account wide & different characters can (un)socket them, and find their own alternate versions, that creates a whole other level of awkward.

Support a free Hong Kong.

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Question : i have many many maps actualy in my map stash tab , will they be destroyed ?
Sounds fun
What about masters and missions?
What a nice idea if anyone else agree please let yourself known !!!

was quoting someone ,but seems like it didnt stick,how im supposed to delete it ?
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