New Bow Skills in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

So you guys realize that Melee still sucks right? and you're buffing the shit out of ranged? With multiple totems no less so more safe damage dealers that don't take much damage because they're far away?

Why are melee totems restricted to 1?

You keep making ranged and spells LEAPS better and then you inch melee forward a milometer or two every 3 years.

Brands, winter orb, mines and traps, and spell totems all deal more damage than melee and do it at a distance and with free or built in quality of life and superior mechanical advantages.

Then there's mirage archer, free damage while you run from range

now all ranged builds get free Hierophant ascendancy

Meanwhile melee stops dead every time it swings, pays a huge price to feel a tiny bit better (ancestral call) and takes massively more incoming damage, and has to close the gap to deliver damage, and gets nothing remotely like 3 free totems that scale off melee dmg. Let alone an automated weapon that sits on your shoulders and swings as you run. and this shit just keeps piling up guys.

In what world did ranged need 3 free damage dealers on top of mirage archer's automated damage?
When is POE going to gate something behind HOW GOOD YOU PLAY, HOW SMART YOUR CHOICES or HOW STRONG YOUR CHARACTER IS? why must ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING be nested RNG, gated behind how many 16 hour days you can repeat the same EASY BORING low maps?
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I am not so sure if I support this totem approach to archers. This basically forces any archer to use 1 totem setup in addition to their main skill or go full totem madness. 3 ballista totems as base amount = too much dps to skip out on. Oh well. We'll see. I might not even touch bow skills this league due to this.
so bow change means just totems and one utility skill,no new bow attack skills? can't say i am hyped.
bow time!
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kredel wrote:
yeah i never play bows might be the time to do it :) :)

P.S. i noticed that poeple who whine the most are the ones who haven't put a dime into the game well that SUMS IT UP!

nothing worse then someone who cries about the very people who make the game even playable. given that the entire economy of PoE is based around people not knowing the value of any of the items.
also supporter packs are NOT the only way to support the game.
hold on for ascendancy changes regarding ballistas, maybe new ballista nodes will be up in the new skill tree as well.
The tether arrow skill and support is going to be nuts in combination with effects from toxic rain, wither, or ice shot -.-

Also the reason why you don't get 3 melee totems at once is because you can place them damn near anywhere and then run away. Ballistas drop where you are - you can't use them far away to create crossfire bullet hells.
That moment when you notice you can support skitterbots with Infernal Legion and EE
I hope the new barrage support that is coming out will also be usable with spells.

I also hope you will make some improvements to wand attacks in soon. They are really lacking compared to just about all other play

Oh and Mirage Archer is like the worst support ever.
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My bow jewels are going to be so expensive now :(
will elemental hit still work with the new Ballista Totem Support?
The main char is a half-elf for the whole story OSHOCK FACEo

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