New Bow Skills in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

kredel wrote:
P.S. i noticed that poeple who whine the most are the ones who haven't put a dime into the game well that SUMS IT UP!

This is so true. I find myself looking through the comments and most people that bitch or moan haven't got a single supporter pack. It's quite a fun side game when going through the comments.
New bow skills? Meh. :/

New WAND skills WHEN???
all of this information was already showcased at exilecon.. this thread is pointless and does not release any further relevant information.. in fact we were already told and showed more about these skills than this thread reveals.
hmm the forced meta I don't know..

looks cool and stuff..
Turning players into payers. Anti NPC-Echo chamber.

"I never say anything to provoke, but I do provoke to say something."

The "hardest" arpg in the market is "balanced" around cheating the hardest mode in the story of arpgs.. comedians arise with your excuses!
I have been trying to get my "pure" Ballista build to work for the past year. Perhaps these changes will help so I can finally get past level 4 maps.

I still feel some of the restrictions could be lifted on Ballista's to help more.
WHile new skills are mildly interesting , it illustates a problem with these kind of focused updates. Basically, i personally am not fond of the archer playstyle. So my interest in these new skills is limited, which means i do not have as much to get me interested in the upcoming league. It would be nice if there could be a token spell/melee/etc skill thrown in with these updates so that people dont feel quite as left out when the playstyle focus does not appeal to them, though i understand that that may not be feasable if they just need the workhours on the balance changes.
I think the ability to cast your Ballista where you need to (current method) is better than having it cast right on top of you (new method?). Sometimes you want to cast them up ahead to help control enemy movement and create choke points.

Please dont take away the control on where you can place your Ballistas, that was part of the fun of using the skill and it felt like you really were commanding them.
Tegraze wrote:
Not even kidding here, I crafted a million DPS per totem 6khp ranged totem build cooked since 3.6 and it's only going to get buffed

right, but they're not totems. so can't use multiple totem support with this. be very interesting to see what passives they add for ballistas tho

DarkJen wrote:
Totems are so slow..
And unsafy

You have to wait it to get up
You have to wait it to activate after it got up
Usually you getting killed before all this

I thought GGG knew about those issues. And why this skill is so underused.

But my hopes vanished in the middle of reading this announcement. Well.. seems, again, we have other games if coming league will be like blight.

this is especially true with giant packs of mobs which just seek you out very quickly, like delve. having to place these ballistas close to your character is definitely not going to feel good (think old school mines).

in the video the activation time for the new ballista skills looks very poor, but the activation time for the split arrow and rain of arrows looks quite good, oddly enough.
but not being able to use multi totem, unless there are passives which will allow multiple ballistas to be layed at once, its going to feel even slower.

for totem lovers this will be a great variation i feel.
i usually run a toxic rain build with 4x toxic rain totem as well, and this change to ballistas looks.....mmmm not the best. not for my build.
might need to swap it up to have ensnaring arrow + something that hits rather than full DoT focus now
I'll translate this:

We're creating a new bow meta set for new league. We will sell MTXs for bow skills while everyone is hyped over the buffs.

Then nerf the crap right out of them again.

You heard it here first.


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