New Bow Skills in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

what about wands? power syphon got reworked fine 1 skill out of 2 that are available and is unique for wanders changed since the dawn of time.
Thanks for those infos...
Anyway...Supporter Packs when?
alhazred70 wrote:
So you guys realize that Melee still sucks right? and you're buffing the shit out of ranged? With multiple totems no less so more safe damage dealers that don't take much damage because they're far away?

Why are melee totems restricted to 1?

You keep making ranged and spells LEAPS better and then you inch melee forward a milometer or two every 3 years.

Brands, winter orb, mines and traps, and spell totems all deal more damage than melee and do it at a distance and with free or built in quality of life and superior mechanical advantages.

Then there's mirage archer, free damage while you run from range

now all ranged builds get free Hierophant ascendancy

Meanwhile melee stops dead every time it swings, pays a huge price to feel a tiny bit better (ancestral call) and takes massively more incoming damage, and has to close the gap to deliver damage, and gets nothing remotely like 3 free totems that scale off melee dmg. Let alone an automated weapon that sits on your shoulders and swings as you run. and this shit just keeps piling up guys.

In what world did ranged need 3 free damage dealers on top of mirage archer's automated damage?

You know you’re making some high claims without seeing any of the numbers, the tree changes, or the other things they are bringing out.

I’m so confused how you think melee isn’t fixed when they did an overhaul on almost every melee skill and even changed the way melee works. Cyclone was clearing offscreen last league... so much they had to nerf three gems to balance it. Have you ever played a high end build with melee? You can build range, you can anoint a second hit with strikes which stacks with ancestral call (or get a plus and get another another hit).

Ranger is the literal opposite side of +1 totems on the tree and most other totem passives at this time. So yeah, give me multi totem built in and maybe they do significantly less damage than melee totems? Also hierophant was nerfed to +1 totem total. So it seems you haven’t been paying attention to totem builds that much either.
Bow Meta ?
DarkJen wrote:
Totems are so slow..
And unsafy

You have to wait it to get up
You have to wait it to activate after it got up
Usually you getting killed before all this

I thought GGG knew about those issues. And why this skill is so underused.

But my hopes vanished in the middle of reading this announcement. Well.. seems, again, we have other games if coming league will be like blight.

The fact you base a league on what they buff is just sad. This league is coming with a full end game rework plus the league mechanic.

Blight was mediocre because of the league mechanic, not because of the summoner buffs.

hell, Metamorph league could suck dick and it will still be a great league just because of the end game rework.
another useless bow skill...
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Well, seems like most bow builds need to add in some sort of ballista now, and the dedicated ballista builds will probably be strong. Not sure the playstyle fits people that wanna zoom-zoom or delve, since you have to place them and wait and can die during that time.

These ballista things seem to be best for bossing though; set them up before or during split phases and then release everything, just like traps and mines. Oh and toxic rain, plus snare arrow, plus aspect of spider, plus wither/whatever and that boss won't be going anywhere : )

Tl;dr: never liked totems so i'll play something else, but it'll be a good addition for the game most likely.
Two-Point Arrow Quiver will be high price item in next league..

including Explosive Arrow

HYPE (and hope...)
Ensnaring Arrow is gonna be a lot of fun to play around with

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