Watch the ExileCon Livestream and Win Microtransactions with Twitch Drops!

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Ksenistis wrote:
Step 1) Link your Path of Exile account to Twitch (see below).
Step 2) Watch the ExileCon Livestream this weekend (16-17 November NZT) at
Step 3) That's it! Simply by watching you'll have a chance to win every five minutes of view time.

2hrs after not even 1 drop.No crazy about drop just dont hype us like blizzard

Ya I am watching for 2 hours, it´s late at night now, so far nothing. But I have not won anything yet in the race events either, not much of a winner if it comes to lottery stuff :)
No drop yet :(
Drops are activated it says on my end in green letters

Where is this shown?
chelnov wrote:
Drops are activated it says on my end in green letters

Where is this shown?

Below the video stream on Twitch, left side.
Thanks a lot, I have just noticed that.
Only a couple hours in and I'm not surprised I haven't received anything but it seems like there have been 0 reports? Out of 150k people? Hmmm! I mean... beggars can't be choosers... but I hope there isn't some kind of issue! I'll report back in if anything changes for me!

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Still no drop... I cannot even be sure, that this lottery working for me - there is no information somewhere.

Here: "Your Path of Exile account is currently linked to your Twitch account.
Twitch Prime Drops: Your account is eligible to participate in Twitch Prime Drops."
But I dont see name of my account! =/

On Twtch: Have a connection with PoE in "Other connections..." And nothing about Drops. "0 drops" in Inventory. T_T
No drop in 2h, damn drop rate must be under even 1% lmao

Every five minutes of view time you'll have a 1.5% chance to receive one of the prizes which means it would take an average of 5.5 hours of view time to receive a Twitch Drop reward.

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