[3.10] Cold Static Strike Gladiator - Endgame Map Farmer - Fast & Tanky

anyone done simulacrum wave 20 with this yet?
Ah, I'm already playing Iceshot. Maybe next time this will be my farmer. Thanks replying!
Himanshu24 wrote:
Novartis906 wrote:
Hi man, love your guide style. simple and on point.
Just one question, how viable is it for bossing? Just Sirus, cz we can't avoid encountering him naturally. I don't really need shaper or elder atm.
Bossing and survivability is the most pain I have currently. My currency is 100 ex atm, minus The Saviour, owned.

I do not recommend this build for harder bosses unless you already have good mechanical knowledge of those bosses. This build works best as a mapper to quickly proc the conquerors when you have another character to take them down.

I haven't had any problems with the conquerors with my static striker, albeit I've only spawned them at most tier 14 so far.

My current gear:
(I picked Vaal Pact and an amulet enchantment for life leech from cold damage. I also added the Ahn helmet for survivability. Actually I have more problems with survivability than damage. Skillgem-wise I also did some adjustments to my taste with the minor links.)

White map tier range Atziri in the Temple of Atzoatl also done, it was my first Atziri kill so I used all the portals until I figured out what's going on with the mechanics.
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Simulacrum done:

OBS running was killing my frames, so quality is kind of lame. But I've done it with a decent amount of bosses. Yes, rng was nice today.

I was originally running a max'd rolled Scaeva. It was running t14-16's just fine with a Scaeva. I dropped a 350pds Foil for a Scaeva, and I liked it way more. Having the higher crit chance, was like an extra 8-9% in my case, felt much better.

I farmed a Saviour, and yeah, gameplay changed. I'm melting everything. Clones add much more overall damage and the AI works well with Static Strike.
I was browsing the amulet affixes, and found some good ones. Currently I'm using this one:

The reduced mana reservation of Hatred (which can be increased with the life/mana catalyst), alongside a possible Enlighten support lets us to use additional auras. I run Arctic Armour at the moment, but I'm also thinking about switching it and Blood and Sand for Flesh and Stone and Dread Banner.

The extra cold damage from physical helps too.

Another alternative is a Grants level 22 Hatred affix to spare a socket.
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As we close the league in a few days, I'd like to thank for the guide once more. I went with it to lvl 99, and made a small video about my gameplay experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3abXfSzInY

Pob: https://pastebin.com/pjq1vD1t
There is a Lethal Pride jewel missing from the pob. Also, that Bonechill support should most likely be a Close Combat instead.

A few notes for people who might try it in the future:

- Aurawise, I settled finally with Hatred + Herald of Ice + Flesh and Stone + Dread Banner. First three have Enlighten lvl4, Dread Banner is a 3-link with Generosity and Enhance. Dread Banner + Flesh and Stone (sand stance) were superb defense layers I think.

- While I was not triple balancing my resists, I went with Taste of Hate, which worked well for me, both defensively and offensively.

- There was also a time when I reached maxblock using cluster jewels and the +7% block chance on the armor. This made Rumi unnecessary, and I went with Bottled Faith and Atziri instead with huge single target damage.

- My nemeses were desecrated grounds and other chaos degen effects.

- I actually league started with it and it was my only character in Delirium. But as a Tabula dropped in the Mud Flats, leveling was not bad. Actbosses needed some brute force approach though.

- The major breakthrough in gear was buying the Saviour around the time I reached red maps, as it made bosskills significantly easier. Maxed dual Scaevas were also a big tip before this stage.
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Eti88 wrote:

Hey, thanks for the write up and video, I appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed the build. Many others have not had the same level of success as it is a difficult build to get up and running so I am considering not renewing the build for next league (unless it receives major buffs in patch notes).
aaand its gone (as nerfed in Harvest)
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yeah duration halved sucked hard, gg wp GGG

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