[3.8] Static Strike Gladiator - Endgame Map Farmer - Fast & Tanky

Update: Level 100 achieved in BSC
Special thanks to Komokze for reaching level 94 in BHC with this build


This build is primarily focused on being able to map extremely fast while still having great survivability and single target damage. Static Strike is still a great skill, mechanically similar to orb of storms while not requiring a second skill for decent single target damage.

Why Gladiator?
Gladiator is currently in a very good place and has synergy with Static Strike. Our ascendancy gives us a ton of damage mitigation in the form of endurance charges and block/spell block, and a ton of damage in the form of frenzy and challenger charges. Sand stance from Blood and Sand (10% mana reserved) grants us challenger charges which give us 20% more attack and movement speed. With static strike, movement speed is clear speed, and challenger charges are the only source of MORE movement speed in the game. Sand stance itself will give more range to our static strike beams.

Attack once every 5 seconds to keep up static charge buff but otherwise run around, effectively becoming a walking orb of storms. Phase run whenever you renew the static buff for an extra 30% more damage and 59% increased movement speed. For map bosses, drop vaal ancestral warchief down and hold down your attack button while facetanking. For Guardians/Shaper/Uber Elder, swap chain with added cold damage.

Block most attacks and spells, and mitigate anything that goes through
  • 73% attack & spell block
  • fortify (20% reduced hit damage taken)
  • 3 endurance charges (12% phys reduction)
  • Outmatch and Outlast (10% reduced phys damage taken)
  • basalt flask (15% phys reduction)
  • wise oak triple res balanced (10% reduced elemental damage taken)


T16 Haunted Mansion + Blight (with boss, no towers used)


+ Very fast clear speed
+ High survivability
- Cannot do elemental reflect maps
- Feels bad without Tribal Fury anointment which is expensive
- Not easy to league start with static strike


Lv76 - Starter Gear
Ichimonjis and Tabula

Lv89 - Mid Game
350 pdps Foils, Fossil crafted helmet + body

Lv95 - Late Game
380 pdps Foils, 2 socket Bubonic Trail, Hatred Crit Watcher's Eye

Lv95 - Endgame Minmaxed
Multimodded Foils, Maim + Mana cost body, 2 socket Tombfist, Lethal Pride

My character - Level 98 Blight League

Path of building currently cannot calculate dps from the close combat support gem.
To substitute close combat, we use a level 30 Damage on Full Life and make sure we have checked the box that says "Are you always on full life?" in the configuration tab.


1. Arena Challenger
2. Outmatch and Outlast
3. Painforged
4. Versatile Combatant

Major: Arakaali (upgraded with at least Armala, the Widow)
Minor: Shakari



Main 6-Link
20/20 Static Strike
20/20 Close Combat
20/20 Elemental Damage with Attacks
20/20 Fortify
20/20 Inspiration
20/20 Chain -> for single target swap with -> 20/20 Added Cold Damage

3-Link Movement
20/20 Whirling Blades or 20/00 Leap Slam
20/20 Faster Attacks
20/20 Blood Magic

3-Link CwDT Setup
11/00 Cast When Damage Taken
13/20 Immortal Call
20/20 Increased Duration

20/00 Hatred
20/20 Herald of Ice
06/00 Blood and Sand
01/00 Precision

16/00 Vaal Ancestral Warchief
20/00 Ruthless
20/00 Melee Physical Damage

Warchief (alternate)
16/00 Vaal Ancestral Warchief
20/20 Culling Strike
20/00 Blind

Phase Run
20/20 Phase Run



2x well rolled Ichimonji to start, but eventually you want to upgrade to 350+ pdps foils

Body Armour

Str or Str/Dex base crafted with Pristine + Serrated fossils
-15 to mana cost is very nice as it negates the need for any mana leech, gives us basically full uptime on 5 inspiration charges, and allows us to reserve almost all of our mana
Level 1 maim is a 10% dps boost for this build if you can get it as well

Helmet & Enchant

Static Strike has +2 maximum Beam Targets
45% increased Static Strike Duration
40% increased Static Strike Damage

+2 Beam targets is best but 45% increased duration is nice too
Craft the helm with pristine + frigid fossils, shouldn't take many tries to hit


Tombfist socketed with a Murderous Eye Jewel for intimidate on hit

Alternatively you can use rare gloves with this temple mod "of Puhuarte"
+(46-48)% to Cold Resistance
(30-50)% increased Damage with Hits against Chilled Enemies


Bubonic Trail
If you are having trouble capping your resists, drop these for rare boots.


rare amulet preferably int base, with life and res/damage
Tribal Fury anointment (Golden + Silver + Opalescent) is very important


One shaper ring with Assassin's Mark curse on hit

I recommend using your second ring slot to triple balance your resists for wise oak
Alternatively, Mark of the Elder for life and damage
Circle of Fear for resists and damage


Stygian vise with life + res + strength

Alternatively, Headhunter



Seething or Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching

Quicksilver, Diamond and Basalt Flasks
Between these three flasks, you want to get the Adrenaline, Heat and Warding suffixes

The Wise Oak
If you can triple balance your elemental resistances, this flask is best in slot

Lion's Roar
Next best flask if you are unable to triple balance your resistances

Rumi's Concoction
Defensive Option
Will cap out your block and spell block, making you almost immortal


Corrupted Blood Jewel
Will allow you to replace your staunching life flask with one of the above flasks

Onslaught Jewel
Try to get 6-8% onslaught chance on one abyss jewel

Here is a custom trade search for jewels specific to our build.
Simply click on the "sum" to sort the jewels by dps

Watchers Eye
desirable mods in order of dps:
  • Adds (58-70) to (88-104) Cold Damage while affected by Hatred
  • +(1.2-1.8)% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred
  • Damage Penetrates (10-15)% Cold Resistance while affected by Hatred
  • +(30-50)% to Critical Strike Multiplier while affected by Precision
  • (40-60)% increased Attack Damage while affected by Precision

Lethal Pride
One of the final items to min/max this build
This jewel adds +2 or +4 Strength to minor passives and adds mods to notable passives
Socket this above the fervour notable on the right side of the tree for 6 allocated notables within radius or next to the Golem's Blood notable on the bottom of the tree for 5 allocated notables within radius
Place jewel in socket and divine until you have at least 5 desirable mods (this can get expensive quickly)

Additive notable mods to look for:
  • 5% chance to deal Double Damage
  • 4% increased maximum Life
  • 10% increased Effect of Fortify on you
  • 20% increased Melee Damage
  • You take 10% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes
  • 30% increased Melee Critical Strike Chance
  • +15% to Melee Critical Strike Multiplier
  • Gain 5% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage
  • 5% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage

  • 5% increased Strength
  • +20 to Strength
  • 1% of Life Regenerated per second
  • +20% to Fire Resistance
  • 20% increased Physical Damage

  • 20% increased Armour
  • 0.4% of Attack Damage Leeched as Life
  • 20% increased Burning Damage
  • 20% increased Totem Damage
  • 20% increased Warcry Buff Effect
  • 12% increased Totem Placement speed
  • 20% increased Stun Duration on Enemies
  • Ignites you inflict deal Damage 10% faster
  • 10% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold
  • 5% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on Kill
  • 10% chance to Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit
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Hi and thank you for the build.
It seems really cool.

I admit I dont understand your level of survivability. Indeed, you do not have a large life pool, a lot of armor, evasion rating, regen or leech ... more than 50% of block. This is it?

Finally, I regret that it's so difficult to try on starter...

sorry for my poor english...
Sho0oryuken wrote:
Hi and thank you for the build.
It seems really cool.

I admit I dont understand your level of survivability. Indeed, you do not have a large life pool, a lot of armor, evasion rating, regen or leech ... more than 50% of block. This is it?

Finally, I regret that it's so difficult to try on starter...

sorry for my poor english...

Our defenses:
  • 53% attack + spell block
  • fortify (20% reduced hit damage taken)
  • 3 endurance charges (12% phys reduction)
  • 10% reduced phys damage taken from Outmatch and Outlast
  • basalt flask (15% phys reduction)
  • wise oak triple res balanced (10% reduced elemental damage taken)

Leech cap is hit by Blood Drinker node. On top of this, if we take any hit of damage our attack and spell block goes up to 61% thanks to Painforged. If we take enough damage, immortal call procs which gives us 76% less physical damage taken and 31% less elemental damage taken for 2 seconds (which is enough time for us to generate 3 more endurance charges while clearing since this is a fast build).

Physical damage reduction from endurance charges and basalt flask is more reliable than physical damage reduction from armour in this game. The only warranted use of armour is if you are using vaal molten shell, which I chose not to since we have such good endurance charge generation while clearing from ascendancy. For this reason I went with immortal call.

Finally, yes, leveling attack skills in this game is a pain compared to spells. I have noted that this build is not a starter in the pros & cons. If you are leveling a duelist as a non-league starter and have some currency for starter gear, you can easily level with frost blades using dual redbeak -> tempestuous steel -> innsbury edge -> ichimonji. Craft some level 1 gloves with a prismatic + scorched + metallic fossil and you can steamroll through first couple acts.
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thanks for the quick and complete answer.
i finish some challenge with my fire boy and i'll try some days your build for next league ;)

i dont notice that leveling a dualist is more difficult than a witch but i note an expert.
Thanks for this build. This is my first character, in which I up level 90 on hardcore,without any leveling gear, the first character in the league.
My Gear on Blight HC:



sorry for the translator

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