[3.10] Herald of Agony Mana Guardian | 2.5 Minute Sirus 8 | Deathless T19 100% Delirium

Biggest challenge at the moment is the mana reservation, we lose one aura and cluster jewels, but hopefully the patch will help with rolling them, if they will have jewel socket on them.

My current gear:

Managed to corrupt this one:

What you are think bout my gear? i know that my wand not best, and also i need faith in bottle, it`s obviously, but without it, i dont know that to improve, currently i have 5 auras, because of shield. my lvl 90, i have 80k armour and 8700 shield,
PSA, don't forget to roll any Mana Reservation rings/ammie with the "life & mana" Fertile Catalysts. At 20% it increases the level of mana reserved by a few points, and every 1% is vital.

Also, if you have the orbs, remember to corrupt EVERY blue cobalt jewel after rolling ES % increase on them. A few you will get lucky on and get 1% reduced mana reserved, and who knows maybe get the holy grail - Corrupted blood implicit.

Auras are important, so if at all possible keep the originals. Skitters are less, so you can tinker with that last "bonus" if you have the spare mana to go with maybe Flesh & Stone, Dread Banner, or something else.

Mana reserved can also be crafted/rolled on other bases where tight, so bear that in mind. Shaper shields for example can roll a mana reduction mod.
I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
I am retired now from the game since 3.11 due to Bloom affecting my Health.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG and allow us to turn off Bloom
If your running harvest league and want to see a developing build - look up my character Bearded_Star. 2 Nostalgia rings, Hatred, Discipline and Herald of Agony running.

Completing T16s / shaper / elder / guardians and killed awakening level 6 Sirus so far...

I still have a long way to max out - examples below;
1. Empower level up
2. Enlighten level up
3. Add clarity or another aura
4. Awakened gems
5. Watchers eye
6. Bottled faith
7. Character level up passives into elemental equilibrium / energy shield
8. Helmet enchant
9. Another cluster jewel with agony

I don't think the build felt "tanky" until glancing blows and the "energy shield recovery when you block" (on shield) was in place.

Keep the faith, the build still works!

IT DOES ROLL INDEED! What about i most loved in this Build is the fact that u can scale it endlessly. Every slot has an upgrade option sometimes u even need to consider that u have to buy 2 new items when u get 1 new. (mostly because of resistances) I Still resist to wear Astramentis because it just does nothing except the Attributes (got searches open for + dex skill or +phys skill amis with lots of strength/dex or even ones with Discipline has red.mana reservation).

Im only able to run Discipline and HoA so far. Need to check in the evening if i can finally turn on Hatred (but i also love Flesh and Stone Aura.. damnit :s)

Crafted my Wand yesterday by myself just need to figure out if i can harvest craft that as mod on it to smt usefull but im a bit afraid if i use the remove speed mod that i lose the minion ms mod :o ) Any pro crafter here who can answer that question?

Cluster jewels will get fixed at the end of week (Friday??) hopefully they get more affordable ....
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Yeah, the massive irony of Astramentis is that it's pretty much the "beginner" amulet of this build, yet it's a unique gated behind pretty much having to buy it. Good luck getting an Astramentis in SSF. I've never had one drop "in the wild" yet, despite many hundreds of hours.

I did somewhat pimp out my Spells/VD toon in Std to see how it compared, and imho it sucks in comparison. I mean, the AoE is nery nice and convenient, but it's still a glass cannon in my opinion. Having your survival rely on popping all 5 pots constantly does not a tanky build make.

I'm pleased I did the test though. I could imagine making one, but not wasting any currency on it at all. Using it merely as a means to grab some fast currency and then abandoning it at yellow maps in favour of fast levelling up a Guard with the currency made. The alternative to doing that is to make a fast ED/Cont toon - they're always also super fast levellers but not great at end game.

Myself, I like a properly tanky toon these days before I even consider Uber/T16's. This game has so many imbalanced one=shot mechanics hidden away in places that aren't boss related that unless you like dieing there's no choice but to go CI and defence oriented.
I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
I am retired now from the game since 3.11 due to Bloom affecting my Health.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG and allow us to turn off Bloom
Short update i am able to run 4 Auras now (Hatred,Discipline,HoA and Flesh and Stone) got rid of my Thread of Hope atm but ill save it for later when i need more skillpoints (because Clusterjewels). Need a new shield now with + phys gems, % Energy shield recovery on block and maybe even spellblockchance. Any i got way too much Lighting resistance :(
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Sirus A8 in Harvest SC with cluster jewels, build is fine.
Hi, I want to make a Mana Guardian support for an ultra juiced map farming party. We already have a carry, aura and cursebot. How would I approach this build to strengthen the team further? Leveling won't be an issue but I'm really lost at what I should pick up in the endgame.

Thanks in advance.
So somebody just rolled with ease +2 convoking wand. Came with "Cannot roll caster" & +1 phys, applied +caster from harvest and voila, there goes +2 wand. Seems much cheaper than the usual method. Anyone tried this?


I wonder if you can do this with amulet as well.

Should not work on amulets as amu mod doesn't have caster tag.
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