[3.10] Herald of Agony Mana Guardian | 2.5 Minute Sirus 8 | Deathless T19 100% Delirium

What BIS cluster jewel passives should we be using now in 3.11?

Are the ones hitman used still viable from 3.10?
L - Scintillating/Vengeful commander
M - Heraldry/Pure Agony
S - Will Shaper/Enduring Composure

Some of these he used I can not find anymore in the market..
Wow not much activity here.

I came back to this build as my third this league as I wasnt happy with the 2 others I tried.

Have done all content, still love the build, I play a conservative, pretty tanky version with deflection and Glancing blows. Only use 2 medium and 2 small cluster jewels but DPS is great and hardly ever die.


Still highly recommend this build

Looks good ratmanaus, but your build is very expensive (2 watcher's eyes ~ 20-30 EX). Especially for non league players like myself (standard). I have most of the gear Hitman recommended, but using 2 Rings of Nostalgia for the mana reduction, but now running into a very low Lightning/Cold resistance issue now.
Your clusters are nice, however, i have yet to see pure agony/cult leader on one jewel in our server's marketplace since i started 4 months ago. I assume those are legacies or crafted? I haven't unlocked much for the crafting bench yet.

Here what i have so far, any recommendation welcomed

What are the priority of auras to have on at all times?
is he going to update this for the next season ?
Tsuum wrote:
is he going to update this for the next season ?

Wait Patch Notes
Nasferatus wrote:
Tsuum wrote:
is he going to update this for the next season ?

Wait Patch Notes

Only Glancing Blow got nerfed guess this would still be viable for Heist?
we need an update tho
I doubt there will be update for this build to be honest. Glancing blows got moved to make it harder for a thread of hope to reach it and little nerf too it. Projectile weakness got removed and renamed to snipe. Haven't tested anything out, but seems like you can still follow anyone of the builds recommend in this guide and will still play 3.12 fine. I will be playing this build again as a league starter. This build will always be viable....The trees are all similar amongst how ever you like to play.

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