[3.10] Herald of Agony Mana Guardian | 2.5 Minute Sirus 8 | Deathless T19 100% Delirium

3.11 Herald mana reservation here:

Discord Artisan
Herald Skills have 20% increased Area of Effect
15% increased Damage for each Herald affecting you
10% reduced Mana Reservation of Herald Skills
3.11 Herald mana reservation here:
Discord Artisan

You also get another 10% reduced Mana Reservation of Herald Skills from the 2 passives leading up to the notable for a total of 20%, but it does cost you 5 passive points for it and you get almost nothing else. Not to mention it only affects Herald of Agony and nothing else. Really doubt these nodes are worth taking for this type of build.
3rd aura is very good to have. And the passive cluster might be needed even for second aura. Because Circle gives 20% maximum. And 2 circles is very hard to fit because of resistances. With Thread of Hope resistance penalty it becomes a very non-trivial task. I have not looked at where this new passive cluster is located, but I suspect it will be in high demand for this build.
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Here is my 3.11 updated version of Kyuhlee00's "Budget" version which uses Lone Messenger.

Note that this is not "Budget" in terms of a league starter. But it doesn't include crazy corruptions or insanely expensive items. However, getting good Cluster Jewels early on will not be possible. The Lone Messenger unique (Calamitous Visions) is also likely to be in very short supply early on.

With the Circle of Nostalgia reduced Mana Reservation nerf, it does make Lone Messenger a lot more appealing, especially when you don't have insane gear.

This PoB clocks in at 4.2M Shaper dps @ 40 Virulence stacks. To enable the effect of having 60 Virulence, enable Flask #1. Although I doubt it will be possible to sustain anywhere near 60 Virulence against bosses with the loss of Disciples' "You lose Virulence 30% slower".
Can anyone make an updated PoB for a non-budget 3.11 build?
I posted a fair bit in this thread during the last couple of leagues and also shared my spectres to a fair few people to try and help out; then I switched my build to the nooby expensive PH just to finish out the league in a lazy fashion.

My initial plan was to simply play in Standard this league around (I have no interest in Fmville) switching back to my fairly modified version of this build.

I apologise in advance for my negativity, but I just feel so tired...

Having read though the yet again depressing patch notes, I might spend a couple of hours trying yet again to adapt my build to work, but I must confess that I am finding this whole "brave new PoE" mentality exhausting and draining now.

It used to be about theorycrafting a build you wanted to play, and then making it work with tweaking every new league. I've been through melee, necromancy, ED, brands, arc, heralds, herald stacking, and the list goes on and on and on... This game was in the past about the core mentality of "play it your way".

Now it seems as though every league it's no longer a battle against the game and its monsters, but against how to overcome pointless nerfs and changes made simply for the sake of making change. I am convinced that the devs no longer have any clue why they are making the changes that they are. Every league is now player vs GGG, not player vs mobs.

I didn't install the game for this!

IF I manage to tweak my version to make it somewhat playable in the first couple of days in Standard, I'll post it in here in case it helps anyone with any ideas. Ignore my character list right now, they're all based on old trees & defunct items. The calcs will almost certainly no longer work.

Sadly I am feeling very much out of love with the game now; and the direction it is heading in is making me inclined towards taking a very very long break from it all. It's no longer enjoyment for me personally, it seems more like hard work. After making this build work again in standard, I think I will be off to visit other pastures and old favourites for a while.
I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
I am retired now from the game since 3.11 due to Bloom affecting my Health.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG and allow us to turn off Bloom
P.S. I think I'm really close to sorting out my revised build in Std, just need to re-craft some new clusters post patch and test drive it a little to see if it still performs.

I was using Herald of Purity as not only an added dmg source, but also another "tanker/taunter" for me, so remains to be tested whether to persist with that post nerf bat if it's still worth it or sub back to skitters or something else.

It will be in Standard only though, so obtaining things in the league will entail their usual teeth pulling... I'll leave that to those of you willing to dive into the planting and reaping.
I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
I am retired now from the game since 3.11 due to Bloom affecting my Health.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG and allow us to turn off Bloom
Was wondering what you guys are using for 3.11 medium cluster jewels,

seems like Pure Agony and the Cult-Leader are the popular choices, anyone got any other preference?
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Sorry, I'm a little new to the game. I'm confused on the jewels:

"You will need two large cluster jewels with 8 passive skills total, Vengeful Commander and Scintillating Idea as the first and second of your passive skills, as we will not allocate the third skill, four medium cluster jewels with Heraldry, Pure Agony and 4 passive skills total, three small cluster jewels with Will Shaper and 2 passive skills total, and one small cluster jewel with Enduring Composure and 2 passive skills total. Prioritize these jewels as you level over all other upgrades!"

I picked up 2 large clusters - each having 1st passive Scin, 2nd passive vengeful commander, and a 3rd passive being a jewel socket.

4 medium clusters each having heraldry and pure agony in it? I cannot find those two passives together on one jewel

4 small clusters with Will Shaper and whatever else comes on it?

1 small cluster with Enduring composure and whatever else comes on it?

As promised, here's a link to how I have this working in Standard as at 3.11. I can confirm that I use it to clear all end game content there and it's not too bad. I seldom have to pot too much and it's pleasant to play still compared to a lot of other builds.


Obviously, remember this is in STANDARD... Although I expect you could tailor it a wee bit for the league.

I don't know if this will help anyone out or not, but there's no point in asking me any questions about how this would work in the league, as I'm not actively partaking in the farmfest. I may make one test toon in it once it has settled down just out of curiosity, but the mini game has zero interest for me.

P.S. Please ignore the items in the shared items list (if they appear), I was testing some things out on other builds.

I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
I am retired now from the game since 3.11 due to Bloom affecting my Health.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG and allow us to turn off Bloom

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