[3.14] ShakCentral's Vortex For Everyone

After ~5 days of playing in the week my current gear is pretty decent


(+ Thread of Hope and Energy Within)

Obviously my ring and my boots need some harvestcrafting, aswell as maybe new glovew, when I shuffled my res a bit around.
Looking for a good crystal belt to get rid of Bated Breath.
+1 / +1 Wands are kinda expensive right now, so I push that back.

Sitting on 16 pure ex and maybe ~2-3 in assets, not sure what the best move for spending would be right now.
Currently just got my 32/32 Watchstones and kinda unsure what to focus on next.

The build is super smooth and very strong against bosses and the Maven stuff, clearing is obviously not that insane, but really fast enough for me =)
Pretty good for 5 days :D. Got a couple decent items to trade for, i think my current gear on jugg is around 100-150 chaos, maybe a little more. Maybe like 8-10ex sitting in currency stash.
BundesHeinz wrote:
I have played this build ages ago and have returned to it this league becaue it's awesome AF. But 2 years past a few changes have come and some of them confuse me a bit. Maybe someone can clear things up for me:

1. I see people either use two curses with Frostbite/TC or one curse with Frostbite/Flesh and Stone. No one seems to be getting a dual curse setup for Frostbite/Flesh and Stone AND Witchfire Brew. Why is this?
I feel like it should be quite the upgrade and is generally a good flask.

2. LL seems to be all the rage these days. When I played Vortex in Synthesis (check my profile, charname is ODERINT_DVM_METVANT) I used Atziri's Reflection and Coward's Legacy with CI. This felt really good, dealing a lot more dmg than CI but gaining all of it's survivability. How come no one does this these days?

3. How Important do you guys feel that Vile Bastion is with a LL setup? I was thinking of dropping it to get Explodes and Dual curse (+Malediction) from my Ascendancy (so I don't need Whispers of Doom) and go Witchfire/Frostbite. Will this lack survivabiliy?

1. Witchfire Brew actually lowers our DPS because of the Despair overwriting other curses and don't be confused by %increased Damage Over Time. This stat is additive and doesn't scale at all. Bottled Faith is best DPS flask period.

2. With the changes to Vile Bastion LL ends up being just as defensive now with triple the DMG and can reach 10k ES. CI isn't as tanky as people think. It only allows you to have more Rares with higher ES and no chaos damage taken.

3. I am a big believer in Vile Bastion for LL after this league. Forgot the Witchfire Brew idea. Despair kills the DPS as explained in my point number 1.

3: Vile Bastion is not really worth it IMO as long as you have stun immunity from somewhere, the easiest source on LL is getting Chayulas Presence Amulet. As for your setup it would probably work, but Survivability will lack a bit, DPS over, say, 5Mil is kinda wasted because every boss phases in a single vortex cast, at that point I'd rather have defenses for the intermissions.

Sorry man but your 100% wrong about Vile Bastion not being worth it. Stun Immunity is not what makes it the most important Ascendancy point now. Its the reworked ES regen you get after this patch you gain 10% regen and its a insane Defensive bonus now. Chayulas is the past!! I will never use it again

Say hello to multiple opportunities on Rare Amulets :)
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rupture55 wrote:
How does the LL version of this build perform defensively in t15/16 maps? Does it struggle to maintain ES without any ES on block mechanic?

LL is a lot more defensive this league. You just need ES on Kill from Brushed with Death Cluster and Vile Bastion and you can go to to town juicing maps :)
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Ma23ck wrote:
I got lucky and was able to fracture this wandd... and then with 3 frigid fossil, got the + 1 to cold gems.

Now how is the best way to go to craft a gg "i won the league" wand?

Remove the fire mod
Prefixes cannot be changed.
Then add cold dot and trigger a socketed gem??

Yep, looks good :)
I love the chaos explosions, especially with the reduced chaos resistance from the ascendancy.
Is there a down side to having vortex on the lift mouse button? Any suggestions to increase movement speed when Elusive is not on?
haze0 wrote:
I love the chaos explosions, especially with the reduced chaos resistance from the ascendancy.
Is there a down side to having vortex on the lift mouse button? Any suggestions to increase movement speed when Elusive is not on?

I have been using "Freedom of Movement" anoint on my amulet to zoom through maps while farming harvest. Its grown on me and is really nice for mapping. You loose a lot dps compared to Tranquility anoint so don't swap anoints if you have Tranquility already.

I am thinking about using two amulet setups this league for end game. One for fast mapping and one for bossing.
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I've already got a zoomy 95 Pathfinder farming T16 content, but I'm looking for a tanky/mistake-forgiving bosser. Is this it? If so, what kinda budget do I need to prepare to reliably take down all the endgame boss content? I'm not necessarily trying to race kills with DPS, just wanna be safe and steady.
Appreciate any feedback!

Some have ask me about my choice of Pantheons in pm. Make sure you are upgrading your pantheons too. They have nice defensive bonuses

1. Soul of Lunaris, Projectiles are the only real downside of Occultist and 10% chance to avoid them and 100% avoid projectiles that chain are huge plus and you get movement speed :)

2. Soul of Abberath, You can't beat Unaffected by Burning Ground and reduce ignite duration.
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