3.8.1 Patch Notes

still multi proxy shield but that ok ... but portal right to the pump ... seriously?
i never wrote anything bad about this game, but seriously, this frealking league is the worst thing happened with PoE after bestiary
Hovering over a tower-building UI element now indicates that it is less effective against Blighted enemies of the same type (as shown on the Blight Portal UI)."

I did it in revers e this far -_-
Don't build bombs at home. They're much cheaper on Ebay!!!
Aderahl wrote:
Gorkk wrote:
Fixed a client crash that could occur with the "Exception Present" error message.

Does that include the crashes with the pop-up with just “Present” or “Map” occurring from what I encountered mostly in betrayal research lab? Hope so :)

Nope, just tried it and syndicate research lab is still f'd.

Great, and now it's with Legion encounters as well it would seem (some Maraketh guy?) :/ (yeah just had it in a one portal zana, so lost my T16 legion loot... at least I did not die)
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Well, i like this mechanics and the idea was great too.... BUT
How should we play this Blight Maps if they dont drop?
Run 200+ B-maps and got 0 exact ZERO return ... gj !

I have 1000+ Oils and cant use them... so do something.
My Idea:
1. higher Drop Rate for B-Maps

OR and this i prefer

2. Using Oils to upgrade normal maps to B-Maps.. should be easy to do for u
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I thought patching was supposed to fix crashes. Getting the map exceptions in research now, too.
The more you patch, the more bugs i get .... can't wait for the next one
why are you not fixing the lagging that people are getting since Blight came out?
the game is not even starting for me....just loading for a couple of secs and then quits without any error whatsoever..
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Genocider wrote:

Legion has almost best of online players on steam, almost twice that blight have. Man, your brain should work in a job. When i coming to home from whole day work i want brainless mechanics. I farm blood aqueduct and later glacier in legion and its like drug for me.

thats all you and that by NO means indicates that something is good or as it should be. There are plenty of ways for you to play the game or other games, dont speak for everyone.

And you now everyone? Look Poe steam charts its just player count is decreasing everyday by 1k at 20 PM. Everyone must go to school or go to work and this 10% players>grind guys make builds which one tap shaper. GGG staff see that and say: "ohhh f*ck we need a nerf this guy". And rest of the casual players are just crushed.

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