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TsuDhoNim wrote:
Planning on giving 3.14 a whirl?

Well. I'm still thinking about it. =)
Im taking too much damage on the energu shield version, how you guys maintain it? In the life version with chieftain we have life leech from the ascendancy and we can use life pots.
doesnt this build need more mana cost on cyclone to match the cwdt dessecrate casts to the cwc volatile dead casts?

cwc triggers about 3 times per second

in order to trigger a lvl 1 cwdt gem 3 times per second we need a total damage taken per second of 1584 (528*3)

with the current cyclone attack rate of 4.76 the mana cost required to the cyclone would be:

1584(total damage taken per second)=4(scolds bridle)*4.76(attack rate)*(x mana cost)
with these values the cyclone mana cost would be at least 83.2

but the current cyclone costs only 52, is my line of thought wrong? i hope it is xD would mean less dmg taken required to sustain this and all...

if im wrong can someone explain how this works? can this cwdt setup "match" the cwc triggers per second?
With agnostic taking away the ES, would you still recommend going for it? (I'm a noob, trying to make your build work with limited game knowledge^^)
Hello, i've tried building this but i can't seem to activate my zealotry, if you don't mind, please look into my necromancer character in ultimatum and give tell me what im doing wrong, it wants to reserve 100% of my life
i would like to know if corpse pact 50% corpse life applies to cwc setup or not. since it is being triggered not directly summoned by you.


"Using: Triggering a skill does not count as you using a skill.[3] Therefore, effects that specify "when you Use a Skill", "when you Cast a Spell", "when you Attack", etc. will not work with triggers."

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anyone have a updated 3.14 POB of the MOM block version of the build?

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