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jan_zippo wrote:
Ok Trickster might have been a bad choice xD. Im lvl 70 with 1,6k hp and 5,6k ES and just oneshotting myself from the 350phys dmg per minion since i have no armor what so ever. Or am i missing something? You are using Gluttony but dont die from the phys dmg?

e: ok ive found you can easily trigger your cwdt with Eye of Innocence https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Eye_of_Innocence aswell. You want to run combustion with it until your crit chance is high enough to rely on crit ignites alone

For soulwrest setup I used Kaom's Heart and invested more in regen to mitigate damage but rare armour worked aswell. You can try and test it with any gear with armour on it to make sure it helps. Also maybe your attack speed to high and you are killing to many phantasms.
Hi, just wondering what order you picked up your ascendancies in? thanks.
ajewveli wrote:
Hi, just wondering what order you picked up your ascendancies in? thanks.

Essence Glutton -> Plaguebringer -> Mistress of Sacrifice -> Corpse Pact.

But actually for leveling I took Commander of Darknes first because Necro was my league started and I needed additional resists. When I had all mandatory Items I just removed it.
This build is really the most fun i`ve had in a long time. Insane offscrean clear AND insane single target dmg.
Done Red Elders, Guardians and Shaper with ease as CI Trickster version. Feels incredible smooth with 30k evasion and 7,3k ES (much more possible with a t1 sadist garb, I settled for a cheap 6link unique evasion/es armor since im poor).
The incoming damage from Eye of Innocence is completely negated by the energy leech. Spell Totem + multipl Totem + Unearth + gmp + (pssbly volley) drops Bosses like flies. Great stuff!


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Super smooth and ez uber elder kill using shaped staff. Great build, really having fun.

Moridin79 wrote:
Super smooth and ez uber elder kill using shaped staff. Great build, really having fun.

Is that staff better than that unique staff?
It is imo just because I don't like the degen. In terms of power it's about equal. Uber Elder melts while you just spin around and chill so either one works.
Finally I tested few body armours. Seems like Carcass Jack is well rounded choice. Also Inmulsa's explosions feels really great. Evasion/ES Atziri's Splendour is kind of Ok, but it gives us nothing in terms of dps. I thought that new Sporeguard may be great choice for us, but unfortunately it feels really bad because of armour on it and costs f***ing a lot.

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If we go Ele Focus on a CWC staff we would probably drop cinderswallow cuz we cannot ignite anymore so we loose the 10% dmg and it doesnt refill nearly as fast correct?
You ignite with your CWDT skills -

Unearth, Wave of Conviction, Cold Snap, and Ball Lightning all offer lots of benefits and make good candidates to link to Combustion ANYWAY.

Ele focus affects Cinderswallow very little

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