3.14 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

MaartenXe wrote:
I also set my character public now. Can anyone help me with the first upgrade I should do, it's my first real character and am completely lost.

All the gear I see here seems to cost more then 10EX. I don't see how I can transition from the budget version to a good one.

Thanks a lot for the help guys, appreciate it!

You have to take things incrementally if you are on a budget.

Your first goal should be a 6 link femers. That runs about 2ex.

Also pick up a level 21 raise specter (this is affordable) so that you can raise 4 specters.

Annoint your amulet with Death's Attunement to get another zombie.

Get the basics done before worrying about the expensive gear. I am still grinding away myself as I can't afford much either but I am upgrading slowly. Even with basic gear I was able to beat Sirus on the first try so you can do a lot of end game with the basic package.
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Hi, I want to buy a lethal pride with 15-20% str at the templar part.
Pm please if interested.
sixted wrote:
millefeet wrote:
How do you raise the flame sentinel one by one with spell echo on the ring i've tried and always raise another spectre with flame sentinel thanks

Had the same issue before 3.9 in my chest and the reason is as you say spell echo. Have no idea how to get arround it if you have it in your ring and cannot unequip it as a gem

Raise unwanted spectres as zombies. Only leave wanted spectres on ground. Raise them. Done :)
Hello guys, maybe this problem is occured to somebody else (and also solved) but I just want to ask:
My animated guardian is not receiving (maybe the blue energy bar is just bugged and not shown) any energy shield even though I had discipline aura and using spirit offering. (I use all of the advised "immortal ag" items)
Can somebody help me please? Thanks.
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Cyrom wrote:
brunowa wrote:
Quintessence wrote:

What are you doing with hungry loop?

Instead of putting it in your chest you can make a 5L in your ring freeing up your chest for 6L auras still.

I'm currently running with just a 4Lin ring and it's working really well. Still deciding on last gem but Minion Damage is probably best.

EDIT: Stanelis made a suggestion in th comments of the video to use Empower to give a 4th Spectre. That is an awesome suggestion I wasn't even thinking of. I'm going to do this for sure... fun factor just went up another 33%!

Wouldnt a %Increased minion dmg weapon be better now since ur using Holy Relic and Ranged spectres now so they will also benefit from the %increased minion dmg. Fortify sadly only supports the gems socketed in the weapon.

Both work. I don't get into min maxing. But yes holy relic and and spectres would benefit from an increased damage weapon.
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thanks for the tip for raising spectre and speedy answer )
Bought myself this beauty, now Im poor lol... lvl 31 zombies.

fortify corrupt on this would be nice =)
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Please help, new to PoE

Tried following this setup the best I can (with abit of help from a friend) Im now running maps ect but finding that im getting killed alot (fair enough im probably not running around and taking enough flasks struggling at the moment with a 1 broken arm)

Im enjoying the setup considering its easy to use with 1 hand but Ive had to use Essence Worm to run Pride and the rest of the auras are running except discipline (not enough mana reserve)

DPS seems great until I ran into Atziri, Queen of the Vaal and she pimp slapped all of my minions then 1 shot me everytime I tried to come back lol, minions never die just me

What should I do to help getting 1 shotted by any decent boss? or slightly more difficuly maps than Magic

Thankyou in advance
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i dont see your skill tree anywhere
I feel very squishy even tho I have 13.5k eHP.
TBH when I die I just find my health bar going down so fast its hard to react.
Not only chaos damage tho, even normal damage, that's why I think I'm squishy.

I know my build is not complete in terms of damage, but why am I so squishy?
Res are capped with Spirit Offering.

Name: RiseMySlave

Thank you guys for answering my questions on this post.
I appreciate that.
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