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fuscazo wrote:
Guys, i have my skills bar filled and havent room for Desecrate, Convocation... how do you guys do? I've been playing for 2 weeks only, and cant figure out what people do about this.

Both bar button bars are filled, the normal one and the one you get pressing CTRL....

My personal skill bar looks like

Q : Convocation
W : Phase Run
E : Flame Dash
R : (Vaal) Molten Shell
T : Vaal Discipline

Mouse left : (move)
Mouse right : cyclone (this is only cause i still want to use cyclone to cast desecrate and offering, if you are using a bow setup, it's not possible)
Mouse wheel button : Vaal summon skellies (although i really don't think i need it anymore, it's just nice to see all these skeletons pop on the screen from time to time)

I don't use the secondary skill, i have 1 summon skill on it (golem, but i don't have enough mana to cast it without turning an aura off since 3.14), WERT are the 4 auras i use, so when i die i just have to ctrl WERT and i'm done with it.

This is a just an exemple tho, my build isn't using bows and so cause i'm too lazy to self cast desecrate and offering. If i were to use a bow, cyclone would be replaced by one of them and i guess i would probably swap out skeletons for good in order to get another free button for the second skill. Would need some remapping, like vaal discipline on mouse wheel or something.

Hope this helps a bit, maybe others can help you with more "recent" setups.

Edit : this also assumes zombies and spectres ALMOST NEVER DIE. When it happens i take the time to swap ctrl Q skill for the other summoning skills.
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Pro tip for anyone that has specced into the Bone Barrier Ascendancy:

Assign the Bone Armour skill to your movement button. That way you auto cast Bone Armour whenever you move.
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Tawnyman wrote:

Put an Efficient Training in the jewel slot above Lord of the Dead and spec into one the the +30 strength nodes (Might for example). That gets you past the 1k strength.

Can I ask what is arrogance linked to those skill for? Does it have any effect?
Neyeah wrote:

Can I ask what is arrogance linked to those skill for? Does it have any effect?

Headtourist wrote:
Fritso wrote:
brunowa wrote:
Arrogance is the new blood magic.

It's for our spectres to spam frenzy and power charges.

Shouldn't we use Lifetap instead of Arrogance?
Gem discription for Arrogance is reservation and for Lifetap is skills cost life.

You're correct, the blood magic was automatically replaced with the arrogance one with the last game update, but we need to replace it with lifetap.

https://poedb.tw/us/Arrogance_Support ("Supports any skill with a reservation.")

https://poedb.tw/us/Lifetap_Support ("Supports any skill. Minions cannot gain the Lifetap buff.")

Also since minions can't get the lifetap buff, it's only used to convert mana cost to hp cost (aka 1/1 gem is as strong as a 21/23 gem in our case which is spectres buffing minions)
So basically link it to life tap now and doesnt matter level and quality yea?

Thank You, introduced this build to a friend who is new to POE. Never played summoner before so cant really explain mechanic to him as well, kinda copy paste and as best seeing the pob to understand the mechanic and synchronise/synergy of the gear and tree and ascendancy slowly

All these spectres different2 act and usage.. erm.. How to capture?/Use them Lol.. Dont get the logic/mechanic yet... haha... Sorry for these noob questions.

Is it a capture and one time usage/setup or ..? If change spectre combinatino just re-capture? How does it work sorry, I tried reading as much of the guide but dont think there’s any for this “noobness” level lol...

Since there is no Kiloava timeless jewel, what i use instead?
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brunowa wrote:
3.14 - No Changes. I am not playing this build in league. But here is my Standard character that you can replicate (note some legacy gear used in here). For league, simply get the non-legacy variants: https://pastebin.com/2spaPXfV

This Standard POB has 15 zombies dealing 900,000 DPS each + a bunch of Vaal Skellies dealing 50,000 DPS each if you want to use them. It also has 8,000 Life + 8,600 ES (total 16,6000 EHP). You can also add Clarity Watchers Eye for an additional 1,600.


Hi, I'm playing this build on league and I feel lost, low dps, low survival, have played necro one year ago and feeled more comfortable.

Also I don't know what to try change now, feel lost on the guide and posts, AG yes, AG no; blood pact, now generosity, not lifetrap...

My current build is: https://pastebin.com/vWa9iKFn

Any idea of what should I try to improve now? (empower and enlighten are leveling but doesn't seem to make a hufe boost on POB, or maybe another build recomendation I should move to from this one? I could try to get 6L but dont wanna waste all my cash if maybe I have to restart with another char or gear.

Thnx a lot!

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