3.14 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

sayajinn wrote:
Hi Brunowa.

Thanks a lot for an awesome build.

I killed Uber Elder with first attempt, died once.

I'm kind of new to the game and wondering:

What if we will swap the multistrike gem of the zombies with a maim support gem.
Will it have that summed maim as well or because we already have level 20 maim on our maze, it will not stack?

Thanks in advance.

It will not stack, the game will take the highest level and use it.

PS.: Do we have into all those pages a guide for that weapon craft? Couldn't find in the guide itself.
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Darkkaos wrote:
PS.: Do we have into all those pages a guide for that weapon craft? Couldn't find in the guide itself.

brunowa wrote:
trung12368 wrote:
Hello, can I ask what is the cyclone for?
Is it for when we use cyclone, cast while channeling will cast all those skills in the body armor such as summon skeletons, desecrate and spirit offering?

You are 100% correct.

When you reach end-game and have the crafted mace, skeletons basically become useless so we can get rid of that setup and use the Cyclone setup.

Spirit Offering is the key skill... it gives 30% of physical damage as extra chaos damage which is MASSSSIIIIVEEEEE considering we are already doing TONS of physical dmaage.

Minions also get +30 to resistances and +20% of their max life as extra ES... so they become insanely TANKY and very hard to die.

The Vaal Skeletons can easily be replaced with another preferred gem in the setup. Or if you're on a budget, you don't even need a 6L armour, just a 4L will do perfectly fine.

EDIT: also, using above setup, you can change your ascendency to Mistress of Sacrifice which gives YOU the benefits of Spirit Offering too (extra ES and extra resistances... which is great if you're really deep delving... otherwise stick with Commander of Darkness).

Thank you =))
I'm working my way to the last craft +2 level to socketed gems on the mace now.
If anyone need crafting services, contact me in any of my Blight exiles.

And don't worry, I'm not a scammer. In fact I was scammed in this league for the first time in PoE. T.T Lost 5 ex and had to rebuild from scratch.
"There's no thing like random one-shots in this game. You only die because you take 353,456,237 hits in 0.2 seconds."

"The best items in the game should not be crafted, they should be TRADED." - Cent, GGG
frostzor27 wrote:
brunowa wrote:
Where are you having trouble with chaos? Delving? At what depth?

Mainly delving @300+, but with -40% chaos ress even uber lab poison mobs can drain my HP very hard... And I'm yet to reach 1k str.

But my real goal in the rest of this league is doing Blighted maps and mapping for uber elder. Maybe I'll even give up the Geofri and get a +1 spectre chest... Dunno, so many possibilities and I have budget for them all XD

The cyclone setup seens better but is slower and it's not as good for blighted maps right?

Take the cyclone videos as you will. That's ArisFusers playstyle (his video) and he liked to constantly spin.

You don't need to constantly spin though, and when I play I don't. So it's still just as fast. You just spin once every now and then to pop spirit offering and run like normal. The only time I spin constantly is in delve encounters as you're not going anywhere anyway or when I'm just tanking a boss.
Darkkaos wrote:

Pretty bad gear in general, but the tanky setup is just too strong to lemme die. Doing all the content just like nothing.
Map is just flask spam and phase run all the time. Cyclone just in some situations to keep oferring up or to do bosses lol.

That's the way!

Get yourself seven league steps boots for another constant 30% movespeed... So much better if your strength and resistances allow it.
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IceSword wrote:
What do you think about Kitava Herald spectr for Ranged Setup?


Which is better: ranged setup or melee setup for this spectres?

Melee is overall stronger. Ranged is more for fun but still very very good and easily creams all content.

I haven't tried those spectres but I did see a vid of them and their casting looked inconsistent and not very frequent compared to others.
Wootie wrote:
As for Ubers and needing a defense heavy AG... My AG has Belly, Leer Cast, Victario’s and Kingmaker. The only time I’ve ever been close to losing it was in Acid Caverns at boss. Either Uber it does just fine and mine is def not souped-up...

I think a main key is zombies staying alive. Mine never die and that helps the AG. Keeps phases short, soak damage, etc.

Totally don't need defensive AG. I no longer run with meat shield in the setup and AG never budges from 100% life due to our immortal AG setup.
Zeferiah wrote:
Is Diabolist best for the curses, what about Reanimator or whipping miscreant? Is there a specific curse that best applied by spectres? I was thinking for an 4 spectre setup, to use 1x of each carnage chief, host chief, hellion, and curse spectre, just to see if the variety can help. Also why not have minion speed linked to zombies since we want the zombies to move around at least 2x our own speed? Could replace the haste aura with an decent damage one? or another defense one?

Play around with it and see what you like. Linking speed with zombies will decrease DPS.. it's a balancing act.. but because we go so fast they need as much dps as possible to melt monsters pretty much instantly. They're fast enough.

The only mandatory spectre when using melee spectres is carnage Chieftan.. play with whatever you find most fun for other ones!

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