[3.8] (WORK IN PROGRESS) ShakCentral's Tornado Shot For Dummies

A Reference for the Rest of Us!

     Do you want to play Tornado Shot, but quickly become intimidated by either the perceived cost or the sheer amount of builds on the forums and elsewhere? This guide is your one-stop-shop for all things Tornado Shot. Whether you want a single character that you can upgrade over the course of an entire league, a fast mapper with unlimited scaling ability, or a juiced up Standard league monster in all legacy gear, you'll find what you need inside.

Discover how to:

✔️ Level a bow build in a new league

✔️ Choose between different builds and pick the Tornado Shot that’s right for you

✔️ Prioritize upgrades and watch your build grow from goofball to godhood

✔️ Fly around maps at high speed, generating large amounts of currency

...and more!

ISBN: 1419713388


About the Author

     I began playing Path of Exile in 2014. After a several-year break to begin a family, I returned to PoE around 2017 and have been playing steadily since. I streamed Path of Exile content for a while on Twitch, especially my participation in the “Kammell” races in 2018/19, but have taken a step back from streaming as my wife and I have begun foster care. I love writing, and am excited to contribute to the community in this way.

     I enjoy playing fast builds, and fondly remember the old days of clearing Dried Lake with Vaal Spark in 30 seconds or less.


     To upp3r90, whose “fk hh” comment when discussing ranged builds inspired me to create this guide. ❤️❤️❤️

     To Neek2514, who kept asking me to play a build that would benefit from his 19 Auras. This is that build. ❤️❤️❤️

Why Make Yet Another Tornado Shot Guide? They're Everywhere!

     This guide is actually borne out of my own confusion in how to properly level and equip a Tornado Shot character. There is a dizzying amount of TS info "out there"; from Demi's Legacy gear Magic Finder, to the 450%+ Move Speed variant sweeping the temporary leagues, to Grimro's YouTube guides and Excel spreadsheets, to the new and exciting Champion Impale Tornado Shot build, I had no idea where to start, and even less of an idea where to turn if(when) I ran into issues.

     My goal is for this guide to be the one-stop-shop for all things Tornado Shot. I'm heavily leaning on my own testing, the input of other Tornado Shot veterans, and all of the previously mentioned guides in order to consolidate the vast amount of info into an understandable and friendly format.

Table of Contents

Use the Index! Gems, uniques, terms, and more have been indexed for easy location. If you're looking for something specific within the guide, that is the place to start.

Contents at a Glance
Part 1: Introduction to Tornado Shot
 -The Mechanics of Tornado Shot
 -Why Play Tornado Shot?
 -The Pros and Cons of Tornado Shot
 -Path(s) of Building and Brief Build Theory

Part 2: Leveling
 -Leveling in a fresh league or With a New Account
 -Leveling with twink gear
 -Full Leveling Guide
 -Leveling Guide tl;dr
 -Settling into Blood Aqueducts

Part 3: The Full Tornado Shot
 -Gem Setups
 -Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon Powers
 -Trade League Live Searches
 -Gearing For Low and Mid-Tier Maps
 -Gearing For Godhood
 -Full Purchase Order
 -Truly Unethical: Legacy Gearing in Standard League

Part 4: The Part of Tens
 -Ten Cheap Uniques That Can Substitute For Expensive Gear
 -Ten TV Shows to Watch While Farming Blood Aqueducts
 -Ten Builds To Play If You Need A Break From Tornado Shot

Part 5: FAQ, Index, And Changelog
 -Frequently Asked Questions

Full Table of Contents
Part 1: Introduction to Tornado Shot
 The Mechanics of Tornado Shot
        -How Does the Gem Work?
        -How Do You Build Around Tornado Shot?
        -How Many Tornado Shot Builds Are There?
 Why Play Tornado Shot?
        -Nerding Out: Mods and PoE Build Theory
        -Tornado Shot vs Melee
        -Tornado Shot vs Spells
        -Tornado Shot vs Other Ranged Skills
 The Pros and Cons of Tornado Shot
 Path(s) of Building and Brief Build Theory
        -Hyper Movement Speed
        -Magic Find
        -Tanky Version
        -Legacy Gear Version (Standard League Only)
        -Raider and Pathfinder Variants
        -Champion Impale Version

Part 2: Leveling
 Leveling in a Fresh League or With a New Account
        -Prepping For League Start
        -Bow Leveling With No Currency
        -Making Money The Easy Way
 Leveling with Twink Gear
        -Uniques That Help The Leveling Process
 Full Leveling Guide
        -Full Guide
 Leveling Guide tl;dr
        -Passive Tree
 Settling into Blood Aqueducts
        -To Kitava Or Not To Kitava
        -Swapping to Tornado Shot
        -Netflix Recommendations

Part 3: The Full Tornado Shot
 Gem Setups
        -Tornado Shot
        -Movement Skills
        -Making Money: Leveling Gems For Others
        -Freeze Immunity
        -Bleed Immunity
        -Curse Immunity
        -Main Flasks
        -Optional Flasks
        -Regular vs Abyss Jewels
        -Fixing Problem Areas
        -Desired Mods
 Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon Powers
        -Bandit Reward
        -Pantheon Powers
 Trade League Live Searches
        -Leveling Gear
 Gearing For Low and Mid-Tier Maps
        -Minimum Requirements for Mapping
        -Tradeoffs: Damage vs Survivability
 Gearing For Godhood
        -What Is Your Goal?
        -Farming To Fit Your Needs
 Full Purchase Order
        -Blood Aqueducts Farming
        -Low and Mid Tier Maps
        -Red Maps and Higher
        -The Touch of God
 Truly Unethical: Legacy Gearing in Standard League
        -Differences between League and Legacy Gear
        -Item Changes
        -Purchase Order Changes

Part 4: The Part of Tens
 Ten Cheap Uniques That Can Substitute For Expensive Gear
 Ten TV Shows to Watch While Farming Blood Aqueducts
 Ten Builds To Play If You Need A Break From Tornado Shot
        -I Need A Break From Insane Speed: Vortex Occultist
        -I Need A Break From Skipping End-Game Bosses: Glacial Cascade Mines Saboteur
        -I Need A Break From Squishy Builds:
        -I Need A Break From Killing Monsters Myself: Mass Minion Support Necromancer
        -I Need A Break From Off-Screening Enemies:
        -I Need A Break From Broken Mechanics:
        -I Need A Break From Expensive Builds:
        -I Need A Break From Attack Builds: Arc Elementalist
        -I Need A Break From Playing Ranger:
        -I Need A Break From Path of Exile: MTG Arena

Part 5: FAQ, Index, And Changelog
        -Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1: Introduction to Tornado Shot


 The Mechanics of Tornado Shot
How Does the Gem Work?

Here is a professionally made graphic for illustrative purposes:

When fired, an unlinked Tornado shot releases a single arrow with a 100% pierce chance. When the arrow impacts at its destination, 3 additional arrows shoot out from that point in random directions.

There are a few things to note about the mechanics of this skill:

        1. A single target can only be hit by 1 of the secondary projectiles from each arrow fired by the initial Tornado Shot.

        2. If an attack of Tornado Shot fires multiple projectiles, each projectile's secondary arrows can hit a single target one time.

        3. Tornado Shot's initial projectile has a 100% chance to pierce, but its secondary projectiles do not have an inherant chance to pierce.

How Do You Build Around Tornado Shot?

This isn't a shock to anyone who has played a ranged build, but the mechanics of Tornado Shot beg the user to add as many additional projectiles and as much flat added damage as possible. Tornado Shot is particularly positioned to take extreme advantage of both.

Every additional projectile that you add to Tornado Shot is effectively 4 total projectiles, and each projectile not only offers greater AoE, but also increased single target damage through the hits from the secondary projectiles. The same goes for flat added damage. Each arrow takes advantage of that added damage and multiplies your damage to a high degree.

How Many Tornado Shot Builds Are There?

There are a surprisingly large number of viable ways to build Tornado Shot. For the most part, they revolve around being a clear speed oriented build, and require a very large investment to become decent at boss-killing. As stated above in the foreword, the current most popular builds in temporary leagues are:

        1) Massive Movement Speed
        2) Magic Find Stacking
        3) Champion Impale

 Why Play Tornado Shot?

Nerding Out: Mods and PoE Build Theory

If you've played Path of Exile for any length of time, you know that rare items can have up to 6 mods on them; 3 prefix mods and 3 suffix mods. Unique items do not share these restrictions, and may have both more than 6 mods as well as more than 3 mods of a type that would be considered "prefix" or "suffix" mods, as confirmed by Mark_GGG back in 2012:

The majority of Tornado Shot builds utilize unique items in nearly every item slot. Typically, TS builds only use 1 or 2 rare items (ignoring a super endgame dex-stacking bow) and they are purely a function of needing capped resistances. Because of this, Tornado Shot builds are quite literally designed to squeeze every possible drop of power and function out of each mod that is offered by its unique items.

This, in my opinion, is why Tornado Shot is in a somewhat unique place among other skills. Whereas a spellcaster might desire The Devouring Diadem helm (especially in 3.8) for the Eldritch Battery mod, it may be unable to utilize the veiled mod that comes with the item. A summoner build might equip Alberon's Warpath for the increased strength, but never really attacks and therefore wastes the usefullness of the added chaos damage to attacks.

Tornado Shot is so hyper focused on either movement speed or magic find that it ends up in a fragile place. Tornado Shot needs to be able to focus nearly all of its build on its "gimmick", and thus is starved for the normal things that most builds grab naturally on rare gear, namely life and resists. Queen of the Forest is perhaps the best example of this. While most of the attention on the item is rightfully due to its massive movement speed bonus, the resists and life are hugely beneficial as well. Even something as small as the reduced damage taken from animals mod can be useful when the build is at its functional best in open outdoor maps which are more likely to have animal monster types.

It is my opinion that Tornado Shot makes better use of the mods on its gear than any other skill or build in Path of Exile.

Tornado Shot vs Melee

Tornado Shot's advantage over melee skills is, predictably, its range. The advantage goes beyond simply comparing attack ranges. Tornado Shot not only clears at a much greater distance, but its secondary projectiles also weaken or completely destroy additional packs off screen, making each Tornado Shot effectively clear an area that can be 5-6 times the clearing AoE capability of even the most competitive melee builds.

Tornado Shot vs Spells

Tornado Shot's advantage over spell skills is its speed and efficiency. Some spells can clear the entire screen, and some spells are very efficient with the number of skill uses required for clearing. Tornado Shot simply surpasses them all. While a spellcaster and a Tornado Shot player may both clear the screen with a single skill use, the spellcaster is quickly left behind, Flame Dashing to its next position, while the Tornado Shot player is moving somewhere in the 200-450% movement speed range, rapidly pulling in front of the caster.

Tornado Shot vs Other Ranged Skills

Tornado Shot's advantage over other ranged skills is its total package of clear speed, efficiency, and currency potential. Elemental Hit builds clear entire screens, but Tornado Shot also shatters. Kinetic Blast shatters entire screens, but Tornado Shot has better single target damage, can get started at a lower level, and can either be much faster or have comparable speed but massively increased magic find. Scourge Arrow has laughably higher single target DPS, but Tornado Shot will clear the boss's map 4-5x faster. You get the point. None of these skills are bad; they are just unfortunately in the same game as Tornado Shot.

 The Pros and Cons of Tornado Shot

One of the fastest clearspeed builds in the game; can reach 450%+ movement speed
Incredibly efficient at generating currency
Shatters the screen, preventing any DD shenanigans
Great for farming white or yellow maps while you catch up on your favorite Netflix or Hulu shows


Not a boss killer without LUDICROUS amounts of investment.
Makes tons of currency, but most of it tends to be funneled right back into the build
Extraordinarily squishy; don't get hit
Few things are worse than leveling a bow character in a new league

 Path(s) of Building and Brief Build Theory

I'm going to start with the obligatory, "Unless you really know what you're doing, please do not just yoink the PoB code and leave." Tornado Shot is a very fluid and finesse-y build, with a single item upgrade often requiring reworking of 4-5 gear pieces. In Section 3 we'll get into the full build theory, but I highly recommend at least reading over the following section before taking off.

The image below is the generally used (using other build guides and poe.ninja for reference) and accepted "skeleton" for a Tornado Shot build:

The alternate route is mostly used by players desiring the Point Blank keystone.

If you want to create your own version of Tornado Shot or hybridize different builds within or without this guide, this is where you should start. It's a 69/121 point tree that allows for flexibility. You can take jewel nodes, grab movement speed, get the claw nodes for Lioneye's Fall, etc. More experienced players will branch even more. I see many forgoing life nodes, relying on experience and positioning to prevent death. Building off of this skeleton are the PoB codes below. Each has a leveling tree and a final tree, gem setups, and both a basic set of "budget" gear and your end-game items.

NOTE 1: The gem setups in the guide do NOT include gem setups while leveling. Refer to the leveling guide in Part 2 for those. Additionally, only the absolutely necessary gem setups are listed. As will be discussed in the gem section in Part 3, there are quite a few options for many of your gem slots, including making money by leveling gems to sell.

NOTE 2: The end-game gear in each PoB is optimized and reflective of the build if you invested a huge amount of time and currency(All items are uncorrupted; that's a whole new ballgame). As stated before, TS is ridiculously upgradeable. I am not listing all of the progression that can be found within a single item. For instance, a Tombfist could have a PoB item for each of the following: 1 Abyssal Socket, 2 Abyssal Sockets, 2 sockets & max rolls, max rolls with Lab enchantment, max roll with a single corruption, & max roll with a double corruption. Instead, I'm listing what I would consider to be a finished piece of gear with no need for upgrading. To see a full list of item progression, see the Full Purchase Order in Part 3.

NOTE 2: For current temporary leagues, I recommend the Hyper Movement Speed build over the Magic Find build. Item quantity mods can no longer be rolled on items outside of Shaper amulets, so your stacking options are more limited.

Deadeye Budget-ish Hyper Movement Speed


With 320+% movement speed, this build is great for clearing maps as fast as you can control your character. I believe this to be the overall strongest Tornado Shot build for temporary leagues.

Deadeye Magic Find


This version of the build can reach the 100% quantity / 300% rarity mark against various types of enemies (frozen vs shocked, magic v white, etc), but reaching near-perfect quant rolls on the uniques is prohibitively more expensive than the Hyper Movement Speed build. This version can take white maps and spit out enough loot to make your loot filter go cross-eyed.

Deadeye Tanky Version


The Tanky TS Deadeye is an abomination. Focusing on huge life regen, 100% cold damage to keep enemies nice and frosty, and a nice Molten Shell + Endurance Charge setup, this build has quite a bit of life while still packing a pretty good punch. If super high tier mapping is your thing in a temporary league, I'd at least look over the build. Note that a massive portion of the DPS in this build comes straight from jewels, which will be quite expensive and make up for the somewhat lower cost of some other gear pieces.

NOTE: The last two PoBs are not my own. I do not currently use Standard for anything other than racing practice, and I have not yet played the Champion Impale version of Tornado Shot. I will link to the original guides in each section, and I encourage you to check them out and show some love to the build creators.

Raider Legacy Gear Version (Standard League Only)


This is lifted directly from DeMiGodking102's build guide to Legacy Magic Find Tornado Shot, which can be found here. Legacy gear can get so ridiculous that it's hard to even know where to begin constructing a PoB, and Demi has done an excellent job. To see where this build stacks up with the all time best gear that PoE has EVEr had to offer, check out his guide and build.

Champion Impale Version


This build is from Imeperfection and can be found in his build guide here. This build has become increasingly popular since Legion league and is now a solid contender among Tornado Shot builds. Using a much higher focus on physical damage and the impale mechanic, I'm actually very excited to try out this build as soon as I can. Give it a shot!

Coming Soon!

Part 2: Leveling


 Leveling in a Fresh League or With a New Account
        If you're new to the game, starting with 100,000 other players in a new league, or a speedrun addict (*raises hand), you're starting with no items and no currency. While veteran players make a big fuss out of leveling bow builds, Toxic Rain and Herald of Agony have solved much of that issue. Don't worry about unique items for now. Just move down a couple of sections and start with the Full Leveling Guide. Take your time and enjoy!

 Leveling with Twink Gear

Uniques That Help The Leveling Process

        There are a few uniques that will allow you to truly zoom zoom through the leveling process. If you want to twink your character, slap these bad boys on and crush everything.


 Full Leveling Guide

The full leveling guide for Tornado Shot can be viewed here. This allows me to host future leveling guides for other builds in one place and reduces the character count for this guide.

 Leveling Guide tl;dr 

Passive Tree

Here is the full tree for leveling. See the full guide for an Act-by-Act breakdown.


This is ripped straight from the full leveling guide. Here are the links in order to play Toxic Rain / Herald of Agony and level all of your end-game gems:

Toxic Rain + Mirage Archer + Void Manipulation + Vicious Projectiles. If you've found a 5L, add Deadly Ailments.

Herald of Agony + Damage on Full Life (Swap Faster Attacks to Blink Arrow) + Vicious Projectiles + Minion Damage. The 5 and 6 links for this are Withering Touch and Maim.

If you're taking a lot of damage, you could run a low level Cast when Damage Taken and Molten Shell setup.

Blink Arrow + Faster Attacks

You should be leveling Tornado Shot, Elemental Damage With Attacks, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Added Cold, Fork, Chain, Herald of Ice, Onslaught, Curse on Hit, Assassin's Mark, Grace, Vaal Haste (If you find one or can make or trade for it; we don't use regular haste), and Blood Rage. These are all for Tornado Shot later, so they can be leveled unlinked in any available slots. If you have additional slots, level as many additional Tornado Shot gems as possible.

 Settling into Blood Aqueducts

To Kitava Or Not To Kitava

        There is a legitimate argument to be made that Tornado Shot builds should cease all progress once they reach Blood Aqueducts in Act 9 and farm until they own a Tabula Rasa. Tornado Shot is so support starved that swapping to it on anything less than a 6-link is heavily discouraged. Thus, a percentage of people will farm into the 70s in BA while accumulating their Humility divination cards to trade for a Tabula.

        While this is a viable strategy, I would argue that Toxic Rain and Herald of Agony have changed this conversation. They allow you to cruise through Acts 9 and 10, kill Kitava, and then begin to farm BA. You'll face a resistance penalty, but resists are easy to find on jewelry and gear.

Swapping to Tornado Shot

        Once you have a Tabula Rasa, provided that you've been leveling the required gems for Tornado Shot as discussed in the leveling guide, you're ready to transition. Socket your 6-link T.Shot and get right back to farming. Blood Aqueducts is a great place to work on resists and the early purchases needed to transition into mapping. Check the Full Purchase Order in Part 3 for more info on when to transition from Blood Aqueducts to maps. Make sure your Herald of Ice and aura setups are in place as well before you begin farming. Finally, use the empties gear slots made available by Toxic Rain and Herald of Agony to level more Tornado Shot gems.

Part 3: The Full Tornado Shot IN PROGRESS


Gem Setups

In this section, we'll see the first reason that Tornado Shot is a great build - it relies on VERY few gems relative to other builds. This leaves us with many options of situational Vaal skills, but more importantly lets us level gems for profit while we run maps.

Tornado Shot BEFORE Rigwalds

Tornado Shot - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Mirage Archer - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Added Cold Damage - Fork

Tornado Shot AFTER Rigwalds

Tornado Shot - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Mirage Archer - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Added Cold Damage - Chain

Movement Skills

Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks. Optionally, you can slot a Flame Dash for some extra mobility during the B.Arrow cooldown, but it's totally optional.


Herald of Ice - Onslaught - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark.

Blood Rage - Grace - Vaal Haste. Do not turn on Haste - we only use it for the Vaal skill.


All utility skills are completely optional. Remember that any skill you use is another gem that could be leveling to sell later.

Portal - Cast on Death (or manual)

Cast When Damage Taken - Molten Shell - Lightning Golem

Making Money: Leveling Gems For Others

Green gems are the easiest to level for profit, as we have very high Dexterity. You can either level as many Tornado Shots as possible to Vaal at 20/20, use 1 for yoruself if you hit a 21/20, and sell the rest. Alternatively, use poe.ninja to assess the highest profit green gem and level those.


        Immunities are a huge part of survivability, not just in PoE, but for the Tornado Shot build particularly. The build often operates on such thin HP and resist margins that missing an immunity can be the difference between clearing a screen in one shot or dying to the first monster of the group.

Freeze Immunity

Freeze immunity can be achieved easiest in 1 of 2 ways. Firstly, a flask "of Heat" will provide the immunity and is the most common way of achieving this. Secondly, boots can be crafted with a "Cannot be frozen" mod. This is rare an expensive, but they exist.

Bleed Immunity

Bleed immunity will be achieved through flasks for a while. You're looking for the "of Staunching" mod on your flask. In the super late-game, you can Vaal your jewels or buy one to get the "Cannot be Inflicted With Corrupting Blood" mod.

Curse Immunity

Curse Immunity is important, especially for higher tier mapping, but not nearly as important as Freeze or Bleed, as those will straight-up kill you. Once you have achieved Freeze or Bleed immunity through a non-flask source, you can replace a flask suffix with "of Warding" to become curse immune.

Main Flasks

A full Tornado Shot build has 3 flasks that are set in stone. These flasks are:

The Quicksilver flask is self-explanatory. Super high movement speed with increased effect. Ez pz.

The Experimenter's Jade Flask of Reflexes grants an absolute ass-load of Evasion Rating, which is crucial for both our movement speed and survivability. As many players already know and we will discuss below, our end-game chest piece grants movement speed based on our Evasion Rating, and we need to hit 45,000 to be at the movement speed cap.

The Dying Sun is also straight-forward. Extra projectiles is one of the best things we can add to a Tornado Shot build. Couple fire resistance and added Area of Effect on top is just icing on the cake for the game's best flask.

Optional Flasks

There are quite a few flasks you could use to fill out your remaining two flask slots. Until you have a Corrupting Blood jewel and another source of freeze prevention, I highly recommend using two non-unique flasks with the immunities discussed above. Here are some options for usable flasks in your final two slots:

Regular vs Abyss Jewels
Fixing Problem Areas
Desired Mods

 Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon Powers

Following Normal Lab, begin by taking Gathering Winds. 1000 Evasion Rating is nothing to scoff at for our survivability, and Tailwind provides both a substantial speed bonus to us and any other friends or party members.

After Cruel Lab, our only choice is Far Shot, as the final two ascendancies both branch off that. The damage bonus is very nice to have in the later Acts.

After Merciless Lab, I take Ricochet as long as I'm not playing a pre-geared character with a Tabula that is already using Tornado Shot. The Chain and damage is very valuable, and we can't take advantage of additional projectiles while leveling Toxic Rain.

Finally, after Uber Lab, take Endless Munitions. Extra projectiles and AoE are great ways to increase our damage, and the accuracy doesn't hurt in higher tier content either.

Bandit Reward

The bandit choice is simple: Help Alira. TS builds can have trouble capping resists, and this is 45% for free. Additional crit multi is phenomenal too.

Pantheon Powers

There are a number of viable choices for Pantheon powers for TS.

Major: Soul of Lunaris provides some needed defenses and gives a nice movement speed boost. It's upgraded powers give even more quality of life defenses. Soul of Arakaali is more specific, but helps a lot against chaos damage and shock.

Minor: Garukhan is great when upgraded for movement speed. Abberath could be viable in burning ground scenarios. Ralakesh helps provide some bleed defense if you wish to forgo that immunity on flasks or jewels. Soul of Shakari is my personal favorite. The upgraded power is great against poisoning maps, which will combine with your Blood Rage to kill you very discreetly and often.

Soul of Ryslatha gets a special mention for its Labyrinth application. Gaining charges on your life flasks can be invaluable to running a safe lab, even with a carry, and I'd always recommend using it in labs.

 Trade League Live Searches
Leveling Gear

 Gearing For Low and Mid-Tier Maps
Minimum Requirements for Mapping
Tradeoffs: Damage vs Survivability

 Gearing For Godhood
What Is Your Goal?
Farming To Fit Your Needs

 Full Purchase Order
Blood Aqueducts Farming
Low and Mid Tier Maps
Red Maps and Higher
The Touch of God

 Truly Unethical: Legacy Gearing in Standard League
Differences between League and Legacy Gear
Item Changes
Purchase Order Changes



 Ten Cheap Uniques That Can Substitute For Expensive Gear
1. Lioneye's Glare

Lioneye's Glare is a consistently 1 Chaos weapon with respectable damage, high attack speed, and it always hits. Great starter weapon while The Tempest is above 20c on day 1 of new leagues.

2. Prismweave

3. 1-socket Bubonic Trail

Bubonic Trail is a great unique boot, giving a lot of movement speed and life, granting the very nice Death Walk ability, and allowing for more jewels, which Tornado Shot desperately desires. However, Trails with 1 Abyssal socket go for 1 Chaos or lower after a few days of a new league, while 2 Abyssal socket pairs go for upwards of an exalt. Snag a pair early on and you'll be very happy with the benefits.

4. Maloney's Nightfall
Maloney's Nightfall is a cheap quiver that provides a nice blend of defense and offense. While its implicit doesn't do very much, the extra life and smoke clouds are very nice to have early on while the build is uber squishy, and the extra damage and attack speed can definitely be put to use.

5. Rat's Nest

Despite being outshined by its bigger brothers Starkonja and Devoto's, Rat's Nest has always been a very cheap and fine helmet, providing quite a lot of stats for its small size.

6. Daresso's Defiance

7. Shadows and Dust

Shadows and Dust is a very solid glove with crit and crit multi and is one of the cheapest ways that our build can gain access to the Rampage effect. I've used these gloves into the mid/high 80's multiple times.

8. Le Heup of All

Le Heup adds a nice amount of damage and resists to an early build, and the rarity definitely doesn't hurt.

9. The Warden's Brand

The Warden's Brand is an ultra-cheap way of boosting your damage near the time you start farming Blood Aqueducts. No resists and reduced attack speed hurts, but it adds a good amount of damage and the Frenzy charge generation helps to offset the downside.

10. Sacrificial Heart

In Sacrificial Heart we have an ultra-cheap jewelry piece that adds a large amount of flat damage. It basically acts like a souped up abyssal jewel, with the Vaal skill mods being a nice bonus.

 Ten TV Shows to Watch While Farming Blood Aqueducts

 Ten Builds To Play If You Need A Break From Tornado Shot
I Need A Break From Insane Speed: Vortex Occultist
I Need A Break From Skipping End-Game Bosses: Glacial Cascade Mines Saboteur
I Need A Break From Squishy Builds:
I Need A Break From Killing Monsters Myself: Mass Minion Support Necromancer
I Need A Break From Off-Screening Enemies:
I Need A Break From Broken Mechanics:
I Need A Break From Expensive Builds:
I Need A Break From Attack Builds: Arc Elementalist
I Need A Break From Playing Ranger:
I Need A Break From Path of Exile: MTG Arena



Frequently Asked Questions


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Shaddohh and Yalarun,

Thanks for the early encouragement. Please be aware that this will be a work-in-progress for quite a while. I'm testing things, talking with other Tornado Shot players, and trying to make this as complete as possible.

I am attempting to assemble the guide in the most new-player friendly way possible (for example, I plan to finish the New Player Info and leveling section before addressing the god-tier gear). Hopefully this will allow people to easily begin the build even before the guide is complete.

Thanks again!
I'm hyped!
In hate we trust.
This has encouraged me to tidy up my Ice shot Chaingunner, the written side took a big step back as I spent way too long editing the video version.

The list of contents though I might have to borrow some ideas from, cheers.
For I am become Death the Cleaving Destroyer of Mobs.
This looks awesome. I took on a TS build and I'm kinda struggling atm so hoping once this thread is finished can gain some insight.
Koteiiko I'm hyped too! I really enjoy putting these things together.

SynixProcessing, I'm glad that this, as barebones as it is currently, has inspired you! I'll be sure to check out your guide when I'm able.

Deus, what exactly are you struggling with?

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