[3.9] Aziire's Venom Gyre Assassin - Dodge & Freeze Everything!

Might try this build out again, since it was such a good starter build last league
I wish I had played it more. Looking forward to the new builds for 3.9. I've added a Build Guide List to the top of every one of my guides so if you enjoy them you can find some of my other stuff.
This has become my fail safe League Starter, it was just too good in Blight not to play again.
how do we generate frenzy charges again?

oh right blood rage.
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Yeah Blood Rage is just so easy to add in that it has become stock standard for every build.

Thanks for your guide, I'm using this build from day one and it's really fun so far. I had difficulties to progress but once you understand how to optimize it ( and that Whirling Blade isn't only a move skill but has HUGE damage ) it's easier for me.

I have a question and I didn't find an answer on the FAQ or in this thread. Right now I'm using Slitherpinch for gloves because I don't think I can sustain mana without some mana leech, is there some sort of mana regen or sustain in this guide that I missed ? In the stuff or the skill tree ? Because without it i'm sitting on a poor 8 mana/s regen.

I probably missed something but I can't find it sorry, I'm watching the videos right now and I don't understand where this regen is coming from :D

Thank you for your detailed guide and your answer

Yeah it takes a while to get into the rhythm of the play style alongside Whirling Blades but once you do the build feels so good. Very fun build that I hope to play again some day.

We grab Soul Raker in the Claw Tree in order to leech Mana. This should be sufficient as well as making sure we only have Precision at a low Level. Even around Level 90 I had mine at Level 5. It is useful regardless so it is no stress to have it wait a bit to Level up. If you have any other question lemme know, I still check this build to make sure everyone is going alright :)
Bro I am having an absolute blast with this build. thanks a ton. I too like to travel outside of the Metalands and this has been some of the most fun I've had with a build so far.

That being said I wanted to throw in a recommendation for Voidwalker Murder Boots. I throw them on whenever I delve and they are so smooth with the build. I swap back to my res boots for mapping.

Thanks again for a great build.
I'm thinking of adapting this build to Spectral Throw. PoB damage shows similar numbers.

The only thing I'm afraid of this build is its very low life pool. It would be brutal versus Metamorphs and Conquerors. Any suggestion to increased the life pool?
i keep dieing with this to stupid stuff. did i miss something that my dodge is to low maybe is there something obvious i might have missed ?

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