[3.9] Aziire's Venom Gyre Assassin - Dodge & Freeze Everything!

Sorry I have been inactive, made a small update at the start of the guide regarding my plans and updates.

Incredibly late reply but I am really glad you enjoyed the build in Metamorph League. This is one of the builds I loved most, and would love to come back to one day because it does play really well. Next time I will give Pierce a bit more of a chance, and the Voidwalker Boots legit look perfect for that. Thanks for the suggestion, hope to one day roll through Delve with it.


This would adapt perfectly for Spectral Throw. The original PoB was actually designed using Spectral Throw as I felt it was the closest skill to Venom Gyre, and we didn't have the Gem Information for Venom Gyre yet. Against the new end game I'm sure it can struggle a lot, I'd like to think the dodge and evasion would be enough but there will always be an attack that will slip through. You could probably sacrifice some damage points, possibly from Longshot and path up to Written in Blood.


Make sure you have Elusive, Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics. These are our main sources of Dodge. On top of those we also try and get as much Evasion as possible. Most of all is having a very active play style. Due to the nature of the build you really need to be flying around the map with Whirling Blades in order to both do damage and survive.
I've played all I can play on ed trickster.. I'll give this a go lol

You won't regret it. A very active playstyle for sure, but still one of the best build I have played in terms of enjoyment. Nothing else really like it.

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