Content Update 3.8.0 -- Path of Exile: Blight

Damn almost thought you guys added Logging into Hi"T"deout "R"the "U"respa"M"wni"P"ng in hideout after elder is a nice touch though.

But damn is "2020"it that"E"har"A"d"S"to"Y" add in a QoL feature that people would greatly appreciate ;/

P.S. Let us log🇺🇸 into our hideouts.
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All Aura skills you cast (Wrath, Hatred, etc) now have a base radius of 40 (from 36) to compensate for changes to Aura Radius on the Passive Skill Tree.

That sounds like aura radius passives are getting nerfed, and that in turn means a nerf to auras that you don't cast which leads me to the question...

Why did Death's Aura need to be nerfed?
I was ok with mana (leech) nerfs last league, but I don't get at all why you go on a crusade (e.g. removal of % mana regen boot enchant) trying to force mana flasks down our throats.

I surely hope it doesn't stay that way and you will at least take some steps back in future leagues.
Elder and Shaper gloves can no longer roll the +1 Traps Thrown/+1 Mines Placed modifiers.

Does this include the "Place an additional Mine" mod on shaper helmets as well?
I'm just wondering because on poedb I see that only the +1 Trap mod can roll on gloves, not +1 Mine. This is making me think this line in the patch notes was supposed to include helmets as well.
It does. There are no elder gloves with +1 trap. They just forgot to write helmet in the sentence.
So now berserkers rite of ruin is an ascendancy node that requires 3 points that give you nothing to reach it if you use a rage support in your main setup??? Come on...

Dreamounette wrote:
Coolmer wrote:
Dreamounette wrote:

Too much QQ D3 players here , and they dont even support a Free game, so let them talk.
Nobody Care about them, is a nice QoL patch, every patch on every game should have that lines of text and QOL.

I have also personal thinking about ppl who have an argument like yours "D3 players", you are prolly person who not even ever did any build by your self, because of your lack of knowledge and understanding.
If you are real player you will know how to criticize and give argument without "D3" and similar, there is a lot wrong in Poe for too long, game is old too old, real player will be wanted to play best and versatile game not just mediocre ARPG game with big imbalance and two META driven classes per league what PoE become.
I am here from beginning, I did many purchases but never bough forum "Title", brought rl friends here who also spent a lot, brought ppl from other online games but lately I lose confidence that PoE will be good even like it was, from league to league I have less interest in game because it is just one big Deja Vu, full of false promises and nothing ever solved.

So just quiet, nobody care about you here.
You arent proposing anything good.
My parent always told me, if you criticize someone, just explain why, and propose better solution.
So stop crying like a baby.
90% of games out there not even update every 3month.

Kid, listen parents because they pay your bills and they know something.
So next time open your mind before your mouth.

I proposed dozen times during all those years, real in-game trade, all stats in-game (even minions) visible (no need for PoB, if Grim Dawn can with rlly small team... and without 100x new support packs), more balanced skills, higher tier of maps (lvl83 is joke, even Grim Dawn have lvl 100+ opponents), hardest/solo challenges, give free currency tab so newcomers can start properly, etc

BTW I don't know any game on the market what sells "new" support pack every three months for Deja Vu update.
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lol rip cyclone hard nerf
Mana guardian, MoM, and life-based casters all got a huge "screw you" starting today.

"We want players to be able to make those creative and unusual long as they use EB"

"Healthy Mind limited to 1 per tree; pay no attention to the branches heavy with Inspired Learnings over here behind the curtain"

"Due to budget restraints, we're reclaiming the Templar's shoes and pulling all but one of the gold fillings out of his teeth"
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"

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