Content Update 3.8.0 -- Path of Exile: Blight

Qlida: Given that the Zombie gem has 76% increased CD recovery on Slam at gem level 20, that implies a 4% ICDR per gem level over 1, right?

So if you can get your Zombie gem to level 25 (which, given the other changes, doesn't seem that out of reach?), you would have 100% ICDR as with Violent Dead, no?

The Necro node is gone, but I'm pretty sure that GGG expects minion skill levels to be in the mid-20s this league.

Is your build (which I was thinking of using) still dead if you get the 100% ICDR through higher gem levels?

We had 300% reduced CDR in all. 100% from ascendency (removed and added 76% to gem), while they removed the 200% CDR you gained from the threshold jewels. It makes no sense, even if they got strong late game, theres waaaay more busted builds out there.
Kurgosh wrote:
Seems like a pretty bad nerf to Righteous Fire builds that have any kind of decent gear. At around 7500 life or ES, the flat damage falls behind what you would have gotten from the extra 20% of life/ES. And nobody plays RF with less than 7500 effective life intentionally.

Not form 7500 life or ES! The DMG will be less at any cases expect you have less than 72 (2*35.8) to 3084 (2*1541.8) life, while useing RF gem LVL 1 to 20.

Its the worst for low LVL players so I think its the oposite what GGG wanted.
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In filter information their his two new base type ring:
Vermillion Ring
Cerulean Ring

Did i miss something, any clue what their implicit give ?
Damage over Time-only skills, such as Righteous Fire [...] can now break barrels and other objects throughout the world

Best buff ever! So many Exaults we missed in the past from those barrels.
My thread for boss carry and crafting
Watch live at
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pphnx wrote:
Spectres rely on info about at how many levels they get +1 max after 20.

As it sais. +1 per level.
If you get it to level 30 it is +10 levels
Can the mines detonate by themselves if we could get 100% increased mine detonation speed?

Or we have to use to klicks as the old miners to detonate ourselfs?

Thank you
It is time to change class name "Necromancer" into "Summoner".
In most games (like here was) Necromancy is in deep relationship with zombies/skeletons/abominations not with MINIONS.

BTW. This looks like ALPHA changes 0.01 Path of Exile
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pphnx wrote:
Spectres rely on info about at how many levels they get +1 max after 20.

As it sais. +1 per level.
If you get it to level 30 it is +10 levels

I did not mean spectre monster level. I meant max number of spectre.

"Now allows you to raise additional Spectres as the gem levels, up to 2 maximum Raised Spectres at gem level 20 (and more at higher gem levels)."

Max number of spectre increases after gem level 20.

But how many per level we dont know yet. may be 3 may be 4. i hope it's 3.
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Patch notes seem fine, dunno why so many people qq here. Im less enthusiastic about the availability of hh and inspiring learning but otherwise Im intrigued.

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