Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

In 3.8.0 we've changed all remaining sources of Mana Leech, either replacing the stats or changing them to only leech from Attacks. This includes Enchantments, the Mana Leech Support, and unique items.

The general philosophy is that mana sustain for spellcasters should be something a player has to think about and find some way to manage, similar to Accuracy for Attack characters. However, we don't want the solution to be a huge investment, and we've tried to provide a few different and interesting ways to sustain mana recovery. - LOL
Yea this is literally shaping to be the worst update I have ever seen, thanks ggg, very cool.
鬼殺し wrote:
Natalia_GGG wrote:
3.7.0 introduced a whole host of changes and improvements to a variety of melee skills. This resulted in a lot of people playing Cyclone.

For all the crap I give you guys, serious kudos for the deadpan tone here. There's no denying what happened, so you might as well embrace it and learn from it. ^_^

what host of improvements , the melee rebalance was a complete failure with strike skills being absoultely uselss.

he Berserker's Crave the Slaughter no longer grants a chance to deal Double Damage, with this bonus being moved to War Bringer if you've used a Warcry in the past 8 seconds. Flawless Savagery now grants a lower value of Critical Strike Chance for Attacks, and slightly less critical multiplier.

soo an ascendancy major now just grants 3.3 rage per second ?
are you f-king kidding me ? it is weaker then the support gem.
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Mostly great changes imo! Am hyped. ^_^
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Removing all mana leech from spell casters? Then remove the NO REGEN map mod!
Comparing accuracy to mana regen. Not quite there yet GGG. The reasoning is there but the solution is far from correct.
nothing but nerfs..

Also, the mana changes - do you guys even play your game? Literally noone wants to use mana potions.
Just remember GGG. For every one person complaining, there's 100s(or more) of people who welcome these changes, just who don't care to post about it.
I don't always read walls of text, but when I do, they are patch notes.
Hype train chooo choo
I think we got the inner of this league.

Fun and fast skills down.
Boring and slow builds up.

And I thought I will try for a long time not played TS deadeye.. RIP this. So now fast and fun build place is vacant. Any suggestions? ;)

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