[3.10] Raider - HoA 1300 deep delver(sc). 800+ in hc (3.10)

mothraelite wrote:
That claw is beautiful :).

i'm currently at 509 myself atm. uelder is still really easy for the build even without everything setup. I'm currently on a non optimal claw and have a 6l coming calam. The rest of my gear is pretty basic.

For a cheap claw you can just buy a blue claw with 'can have multiple crafted mods' on it. Got mine for about 50c but obviously i lose out on a prefix after i did the regal and it hit garbage.

Regarding the blight maps, im not sure as my computer can't even handle it. If you have the helmet enchant and you swap out vicious projectiles for fork/chain(your choice) support, you might be able to do it but I haven't tried given my constraints. Make sure if you do swap vicious out you run the two dagger setup for max damage as you lose a lot. Alternatively if you have the claw made, a claw+dagger is probably the best for blight.

Still working on 6l calamity. That claw almost ruined me 40-50 fossils, 1 split, 4 imprints and multi + 3ex hit's cant be evaded:). I will get the enchant, gonna post again when i have everything ready.
Loving the build so far. What are your thoughts of Nightblade support in Cyclone setup? Been using it for a while now and synergize really well with the build.
Glad to hear its working out for you ^^

Seems pretty good for general purpose mapping early on, especially because of the movement boost. For bossing i think the mitigation from infused channeling/fort is too important to give up and withering touch is nearly 20% more damage.

Only one fossil, works for now. And finally i managed to link that damn chest:)). I guess tomorrow i will respec.

I saw in your pob you use grace watcher.
If you drop grace what watcher you will use?
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What should leveling look like?
enasniddg77 wrote:
What should leveling look like?

for me, i use any bow skill until you get HoA then i use HoA with quil rain with poison setup. a barrage setup also help. get those chance to poison on your tree.
If you are really keen on leveling as this build and not transitioning into it, i think iceandfire is right but it will not feel good. I suggest leveling as any bow skill you'd like until 85ish and transitioning into it just to speed up the mapping/act process so by the time you get to red maps, you have something pretty beefy.

My current watchers eye is a 30c thing that will work just fine until you get some serious currency. It's 8-10% of physical damage taken as cold if you are using purity of ice. We are soft to physical damage so we need as much conversion/flat phys we can reasonably get.

Note: if you really want to run grace, make sure you get grace dodge+purity of ice.

Ok if you were to make this a league starter what tree did you go with what ability and what did the transition look like? Or did you not league start this?
Was a transition into it from the same ascendency.

I did toxic rain until 31 and swapped to scourge arrow. If you care to see what that looks like, the pob is here. It has leveling/bossing/mf tree if thats your thing and can mf t16 maps no problem. I ended up using it to complete my atlas this league and kill shaper before i swapped on a 5L.

~200+ ms and 500k shaper dps with less than 40c gear total or so.

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Since synthesis bosses are back through Zana, I managed to pick this ring up.

Would you still think a multimodded ring is better? My other ring will be multimodded, once I get the currency together.

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