[3.10] Raider - HoA 1300 deep delver(sc). 800+ in hc (3.10)

Hey how do you keep up onslaught while farming? Against bosses its a no brainer but in maps most rare die before i get onslaught and there isnt a rare aviaible every 10 seconds anyway. Since you crawler kills everything onslaught on kills doesnt work so do you just switch an onslaught potion in or whats your solution?
I run onslaught flask normally as a general flask. I have an example of my end game flasks in the flask area and its general purpose for mapping/delving. The taste of hate is really nice but isn't needed until delving honestly.

Note: I swap to 4 forbidden tastes + 1 onslaught flask for bosses
what's your tower setup to block 1-2 path? I doing this build and I realize it can only do 1 side. if the blight spawn two side, I gotta deck the F out of that side. I use fire 2, cold 2, enhance 2 but still that doesnt stop them. they still able to go though, any idea?
If you want to engage with blight specifically, you'll need a few changes to maximize your damage a bit given the tree I specify is for mitigation / bossing. I would take the damage/speed minion wheel (you lose 1k health by doing so) and i would use 2 cold iron point daggers as a weapon swap just for blight. Your clear for maps/blight will be immensely better but its not a good setup for bossing.

As for towers, i've been doing mostly minions and 1 cold tower in each area.
thank for the reply. some1 in my guild is running a similar build and he recomend using generousity + hatred, feeding frenzy support and crafted minion movement speed on ring and a victario charity. this setup will enough dmg to 1-2shot blight encounter. ill check with your recomendation
Hey, I was just wondering, for sake of comparison, what depth could I reasonably expect to hit on JUST the starter gear for this build?

I don't mind investing the currency, but I like to farm delve to GET that currency, and I was wondering if this might be a good build to do that?
Reasonably with the starter gear? maybe 700-1000 depending on the specific rares you end up acquiring (mostly jewels and ring slots) and using your flex auras. If you can manage the life gain on hit rings with -mana cost, you are an in really good shape.

When you get your multimodded rings, amulet, and weapon, you can safely farm 1200 without dying much even if you misplay. 1300 starts to struggle a bit but doable. 1400, the build starts to fall apart a bit but you can keep pushing with good play. 1500 was my previous break point as it was a good place to leave off of but it certainly felt like you could go for more if you wanted to.
Is there a method to making this build blighted map viable? I'm extremely interest in what you've created here, but I also want to enjoy the league mechanic solo if possible. I saw what you said about handling blight encounters, but would this work for solo'ing entire blighted maps?

I just crafted this, gonna try your build. I am just curious how is going, i started toxic rain but boss fights are hard and i almost reached max delve where toxic rain can't go deeper.

That claw is beautiful :).

i'm currently at 509 myself atm. uelder is still really easy for the build even without everything setup. I'm currently on a non optimal claw and have a 6l coming calam. The rest of my gear is pretty basic.

For a cheap claw you can just buy a blue claw with 'can have multiple crafted mods' on it. Got mine for about 50c but obviously i lose out on a prefix after i did the regal and it hit garbage.

Regarding the blight maps, im not sure as my computer can't even handle it. If you have the helmet enchant and you swap out vicious projectiles for fork/chain(your choice) support, you might be able to do it but I haven't tried given my constraints. Make sure if you do swap vicious out you run the two dagger setup for max damage as you lose a lot. Alternatively if you have the claw made, a claw+dagger is probably the best for blight.

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