Development Manifesto: Legion as a Core Game Mechanic

people liked legion because of the insane rewards for doing it on low levels / efforts, not for it's mechanics or those over colorful and oversized monster models who offscreen oneshot you with more than 6k life.

that's the path your're going?
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!
one more mechanic for my ssf standart, will be interesting to test it
thanks <3
One of better attempts to integrate league content with main game. Good job. Now, speed up the time so it is already tomorrow and 3.8 announcements are coming!
Still can't believe this game is free to play...the content is insane keep it up!
Yeah as i imagined it will be ...same as Diablo 3.... u guys GGG need to let go of those stupid nerfing ideas and let us have fun..or u gonna end up like Blizzard on Diablo 3 (u guys dont have brains anymore!!)
(u guys dont have phones)

we might just go play minecraft then.
I agree with the sentiment that Breach stuff should come from Breach, but I wish that the Breach bosses were a bit more accessible. I rarely get more than a few shards from breach events (which are almost never the rare ones) and the bosses don't really merit being many times rarer than Uber Elder.

Obviously you can "just buy the items" but that leads to another problem: for all but the elite headhunter-owning players, it's much more profitable to sell your rare breach/legion stones than it is to use them yourself.

When you're better off selling a key to content than you are playing the content yourself, something is wrong.

I like trade as a concept, but when "just buy it" is by far the most efficient answer to getting everything, playing the game starts to feel really empty - especially when non-currency items that drop in the game are rarely ever worth picking up to sell or vendor, let alone actually use.
I really hope they include Synthesis in the new league. I miss it
I like the Legion content, but as for me it's necessary to keep a fixed number of mechanics in standard. Seriously, GGG, you can't add every second mechanic to core league! Some day you will come to PoE being too overwhelmed with content - which means it would be harder for casual players to understand what's going on and where to go.
Yay for mano's going core!

Can't wait for 3.8 reveal :D
Just one more map

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