Development Manifesto: Legion as a Core Game Mechanic

I don't know. I like Legion, but I had a break for few weeks, so I didn't have a chance to get bored of it. Maybe that's why it's weird for me that so many people wouldn't mind it not going core. It's fun, nice addition to game and crying that it is too much to do because of one monolith every few maps with bunch of mobs to kill is so stupid and anty-poe... It's not rocket science, killing mobs is what we are doing here, lol. People are weird.

Like always, I am afraid 10% will be not enough but it is too soon to be sure. Completing breachstones from splinters is always good comparison for me - each league I can farm few stones but only from new content, from breaches themselves maybe 1, barely. And I play from hour to few hours a day but not very efficient. So, question is - is there a problem or not? Should we be able to farm previous leagues content only through new league content? Because if yes, I can be calm about Legion as a rare core mechanic, blight will get us splinters alongside with delve and betrayal. Finally, because those last leagues getting anything from betrayal wasn't a case for me and I had that sad, angry feeling for game - not hearing all that funny voices screaming at each other hurt, that's where my time off came from I supose.

The thing is league mechanics in PoE are either big - like Delve, Synthesis and Betrayal, or small - like Breach, Abyss or Legion. Former would need more than 10% chance to spawn at maps or wherever to give a proper amount of fun and satisfaction, but when it comes to small ones - everybody think it will not be enough but after new league starts, we don't care because of loot explosions which gives us opportunity to get what we want. I can't say I don't feel sorry about standard players, but they don't like leagues, that's why they are there, I think... WEIRD.

Ok, that's it, my bablingmumbling.
Smile! <3
Will the Legion splinters and emblems be added to the Fragment Tab in 3.8?
Ianpact wrote:
Will the Legion splinters and emblems be added to the Fragment Tab in 3.8?

Obviously. It will be as quick as Delve Currency addition to the Currency Stash Tab.
Mark__75 wrote:
sta1n wrote:
Please think about people with low-spec PC at future releases. After removing DX9 game became barely playable (or unplayable in some maps) for set of people (including me; i think affects most bussiness line laptops).

They think you should buy a high-spec one. :)
GGG is not an exception - all games develop only in the one direction. Code optimisation was an option only when there were 8 and 16 bit closed architecture microcomputers on the gaming market. Once games started to be massively created for PC... there was always only one option - to buy a better hardware. That situation lasts from approx 25 years already. It is unlikely to be changed.

For example, some Blizzard games are working on low-end and high-end PC's. Game looks adequate to the configuration but it is playable. I feel that they are not filtering clients by their hardware power, and benefits from it.

Other thing is that ingame fps difference is huge. I can play campaign and some maps with 30fps but when you're facing endgame bosses, screen freezes from like 5seconds up to disconect (same situation happens at first enter of a new map).

I have wodden PC and i can still play Starcraft II with good fps rate. I thought about similar change in poe (give me lowest setting possible and fluent gameplay).
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while legion was very good..

as "core" and after the hammer it was turn into another old dead horse..

"Parade your victories, hide your defeats. Mortals are so insecure."

Once you break the cycle of fear no angels or demons can whisper you their sweet nothing words.
Ran like 6 timless, got 1 exalt and 5 jewels out of those runs. other drops were crap.

there is only one good option for gettin splinters. Gilded Legion Scarabs rest is not rewarding.

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