Development Manifesto: Legion as a Core Game Mechanic

it is kinda fun to read all the whining and bitching.. xD
Schmockla wrote:
DistantBliss wrote:
Schmockla wrote:
if everyone is a superstar on MTV...then no one will be one.. ;) (bad example but works)

Consider this though; maybe not everybody wants to be a super star. I for one just want to run all content as i was able to do in the earlier leagues. I want to have all crafting unlocked halfway through the league and be able to use it without trading for exalts as i was able to do in earlier leagues. I want to play the actual content and play my wacky builds that i like. If you wanna play 10 times faster i bet you could and i wish you all the best, but i still want GGG to give me the content that was accessible in the past with waaaaaaay less amount of time invested.

very agreed with u, but take out of the picture the OP builds...and play the game without thinking of them until u lucky enough to get one...

but tbh, u have to admit that without OP things for players in game...the game would just be OP for at least its nice u have a carry for 5 ways or hoster for chayulas....imo....cause if none could do it...wwouldnt htat be a bummer

Oh for sure, some OP things make chasing and grinding worth it, but league mechanics and crafting shouldn't be gated so heavily behind rng and timers, limiting the builds that can even do them at a basic lvl.

For example: in incursion i had to step up my clear speed just so i could run temple. Now all my builds can do temple easily, but 80% of them cant do even 2 rare legion mobs before the timer runs out. There is too much power creep in this case; gating build variety.
Kalika_Hadake wrote:
But you've made an incredibly diverse set of skills, tons of build-enabling uniques, and complex customization that takes a combination of madness and brilliance to fathom the true depths of... And then you invalidate like 90% of it.

Well stated. But when you consider all the available options which could be available to players, the number is probably closer to 98-99%.

(Just to punctuate your point.)
Wash your hands, Exile!
I agree that a lot of this content is difficult and I can barely do a 4 emblem domain if I switch my gear to dmg and lower my surviveability but it's too cool to leave out of core. Great job GGG with this league and thank you for adding this to the core mechanics!
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codetaku wrote:

What are you even *talking* about? The nerf doesn't apply until 3.8.0 hits. Just run your stones in the remaining weeks.

if you check the manifesto you will see:

To that end, we have increased the rewards for the first cycle of monsters, reducing them each revive cycle. Rewards from Legion Generals will not diminish, but the rewards from other monsters will diminish. We will not be adding a diminishing return for experience gained from the ongoing encounters.

also i did build which when played 4 way emblems i got full lines of loot when a minute remaining. Now i am unable to get 4 lines of loot for the entire time.

I did more than 50 sets, and after the weekend the loot dropped by 40-50%

No offence, justt tried to get some fun in the end of the league :)
Wondering if the legion will give the map device 5 slots in the future...
idk if someone came with this alrdy, but i think.. with sooo many different mechanics goign core, whould be nice to reduce the cost and/or increase the resources we randomdly (10%) get while mapping, just my two cents ^^
Great News GGG. I must say, that i have enjoyed this league fully. Bringing these encounters into main game is fantastic.... i might even play a little standard from now to then.......


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