Problems in Washington Datacenter?

I have same issue with Washington server I cant even play 5 min and I get dc'ed my isp provider says its nothing on there end or my router or modem so I have no idead what to do cant even play
Made a thread yesterday showing ISP packet loss, but here is my WinMTR from today. Just logged on for about 45 seconds, as the game was unplayable. Significantly worse than yesterday.

I have Comcast/Xfinity in Chicago.

DC -m:

Edit: Texas seems to be just as bad. I'm also no network expert, but seems to be a ton of loss after the last Comcast handoff.

Just for fun, I ran a WinMTR for Blizz's D3 servers per their guidelines: (sorry if this is breaking rules)

D3 Pastebin:

Thanks for all the help, GGG!
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For more data, here's mine to DC, also on Comcast. Note that I am physically located about 50 miles from DC, so I have a lot less physical distance to cover. Smooth sailing for the past few days.
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I have like 9000 hrs into this game and I have never had a issue with lag and disconnects for this long 5 days straight its the only game I like to play to so im really frustrated right now I play the game through steam should install the stand alone game would that make a difference because I can play my other games that I have steam
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