Problems in Washington Datacenter?

Don't run traces on the login server addresses. They're all behind Cloudflare, so all you're going to get is your closest Cloudflare edge.

I've had a close look into this and have been running connectivity tests to the Washington D.C. gateway today, but I am unable to find anything seriously amiss. The only thing I can see is some intermittent spikes in latency close to RR/TWC (in the 80ms range).
unsmith wrote:
What would be correct then to test against? Can someone update with current information?

This is the current guide:
Those values don't actually seem to continue to the end of the trace, so I don't think they are the cause here (those routers likely have ICMP packets at a low priority). I don't think the problem is showing up in the troubleshooting information captured.
Okay - the latency still does not propagate to the end.

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