Problems in Washington Datacenter?

Getting significant lag spikes in Washington (and perhaps Texas). Is something going on there?

Last bumped on Aug 8, 2019, 10:40:34 PM
Just got dc'd like 3 times in a row. Texas seems better.

Edit: Nevermind, Texas is just as bad.
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PolakoFumar wrote:
Edit: Nevermind, Texas is just as bad.

Yep, same here. Glad it's not just me.
Same here...was having lag (first time ever) for about 20 minutes and suddenly can't stay in the game for more than 5 minutes. (Washington)
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Not having as much packet loss (1%) but i've been having a lot of DQs since last night on WDC. I was getting kinda worried thinking it was my net as well. Hopefully it gets better but meanwhile i guess I'll give some other server a shot.
11:20 AM in New Zealand, GGG should be aware of what's going on and able to provide some sort of update soon I'd imagine.
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I am also getting a lot of latency issues, and disconnects today. It hasn't gotten any better as the day has gone on.
Same here disconnects and latency.
Same issue here - switched to CA, but I still noticed a couple spikes.

My ping is usually close to zero - I never have connection issues.
Same here in Western Canada: I'm likewise experiencing many severely long lag spikes & network disconnections from Path of Exile's Washington D.C. server. This issue started approximately late yesterday for me & it still seems to be unresolved today.

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