[3.7] CI CoC Discharge by Rico (It's been a long time my friend...) all content, Uber Elder down

Hi and welcome to my CI CoC Discharge build guide!

In 2.2 when Ascendancy launched I posted a forum guide on a CI version of CoC Discharge with Occultist Ascendancy that worked really well for many happy people. However since it was seriously nerfed in 2.4 I never touched it again. Instead I foccused more on Mjolner during all those years simply because Mjolner based builds offered at least some defences (looking at you Juggernaut). I was able to track down in vast history of PoE that CoC CI Discharge builds started to show more in 2.1 played mostly by 2 streamers: Etup and bakedchiken. This was really popular build back then and really shined untill 2.4 nerf hammer hit the ground.

Things are different now and CI CoC Discharge is viable again, offering similiar lvl of survivability as Mjolner but with better DPS.

If you're intrested in history of this build:


2.2 Gameplay vid:

My original 2.2 build guide (updated to 2.3 and 2.4 later on - which was a failure):

One of the first? CI CoC Discharge guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1152541

Excelent life/ES hybrid version by MatrixFactor:

Deoboy's guide that was an improvement from original Fakener guide by Mathil:

_Rain__ wrote:
(on Sep 3, 2016, 1:53:00 AM) Rico we all believe in u bro,u are the one who can revive coc discharge in 2.4.No joke,if i continue to play poe,i do it only with ur build,other way i'm better delete this game.Let us know if u need any help,we all here open to help u.

Better late than sorry I guess :P

Final lvl 95 PoB pastebin (no Vagan Dagger):


lvl 95 PoB pastebin (with Vagan Dagger):



2019-07-30: Added some more vids and info on what gear lvl was used in those vids.
2019-07-29: Corrected intro information on history of this build.
2019-07-27: Added Guide for Dagger crafting, corrected some info.
2019-07-27: Guide created.

CI CoC Discharge by Rico (done right?)

But why CoC Discharge in the first place? What was this all hype about it?

Well back in a days when Mjolner price was about 68ex Mathil came with an idea of build that could simulate Mjolner-like experience at a much lower cost. This is how Fake Mjolner aka Fakener was born using Cyclon - Cast on Crit - Discharge mechanics in a life based crit build. Later on it was perfected by a Deoboy and soon after by Matrixfactor with his excelent life/hybrid version. Than I believe I was the first one in Ascendancy to create a CI version using an Ascendancy sub-class, which I think was best simply because of large ES pool and Occultist's excelent ES regen mechanics. But today is today, game had many "balancing" patches along the way, Occultist's ES regen is now dead, Mjolner costs about 10c and Vagan Dagger costs about 8ex...

Good news is that we have Trickster now and this specific version doesnt require Vagan Dagger (but will benefit from if you have one).

Gameplay vids:

Shaper (30% enchant, no Vagan Dagger, single chance Power Charge Precursor's):

Red Elder (30% enchant, no Vagan Dagger, single chance Power Charge Precursor's):

Uber Elder (30% enchant, Vagan Dagger, single chance Power Charge Precursor's):

Mino DPS check v1 (30% enchant, no Vagan Dagger, single chance Power Charge Precursor's):

Mino DPS check v2 (30% enchant, Vagan Dagger, single chance Power Charge Precursor's): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rqd4IhzQGD4

Mino DPS check v3 (30% enchant, Vagan Dagger and dual chance Frenzy + Power Precursor's):

The Concept:

This build uses some of the mechanics that I introduced to my latest Mjolner build (also Trickster CI) which you can find here:https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2574749

The Red Trail grants us Frenzy Charge on hit. This works with every hit, melee hit, spell hit etc. But this works only while we are bleeding.

We need chance 2 bleed so it can work with Cyclone - our main trigger skill providing small but constant bleed status on bosses. This can be done with either "attacks have 20% to cause bleeding on hit" dagger craft or Voidheart unique ring. Dagger option is best. Chance 2 bleed support can be used but it is by far the worst option available as it blocks other support gems that can be used in our main 6L setup.

The Golden Rule reflects bleed status we apply on our enemies back to us.

Apep's Supremacy forces any bleed dmg we take to be chaos dmg instead of physical.

Chaos Inoculation (CI) Keystone renders us immune to chaos dmg.

All together: we apply constant bleed status to ourselfs when hitting any mob so we can take advantage of The Red Trail "gain frenzy charge on hit" property but we are not taking any dmg.

More than that this build uses:

Rare jewel with x% chance to poison on hit. This works with both melee hits and spell hits, providing constant poison on our enemies... while The Golden Rule reflect poisons we do back to us, providing us with constant +3% to max resistances thx to Apep's Supremacy while we dont take any dmg thx to CI.

More than that to fully utilize "frenzy charge on hit" property on The Red Trails this build uses:

linked to CWDT. Why not Blade Vortex (BV) you may ask? Well because BV at max stacks hits 7.5 times per sec and because we do 7+ Discharges per sec it will provide up to +1 Frenzy charge per each Discharge. However this is on max stacks. When linked to CWDT it will never reach 10 stacks but rather 2-3 providing a miserable ammount of hits per sec. While one instance of Firestorm on the other hand hits the same target about 6-7 times per 2 sec of its duration when linked to the Spell Cascade (less AoE) and with lvl 1 Spell Cascade we can sustain up to 3 Firestorm instances at once. So all of them will hit the same target up to 11 hits per sec, providing on average additional 1.5 Frenzy charge per each Discharge.

Build highlights:

+ 1.2mil+ sustained, real Shaper DPS in a final build (1.4mil+ with Vagan Dagger, 1.6mil+ with Vagan and dual chance Precursor's)
+ decent clear speed with inc AoE (still enough DPS to one shot T16 packs or 300+ deep Delve mobs)
+ 800k+ Shaper DPS on a tight budget
+ 7k+ ES
+ 10k+ Evasion unflasked for 39% chance to evade (22k+ flasked for 58% chance to evade)
+ Some attack block (29%)
+ Some spell block (6%)
+ Some spell dodge (10%)
+ 78% all maximum resistances
+ Bleed dmg immunity
+ Chaos dmg immunity (also Poison dmg immunity)
+ Stun immunity
+ Ghost Shrouds (9% reduced dmg taken, 550 ES gained when hit, per hit up to 3)
+ 2000+ ES leech
+ 500+ ES regen (Zealot's Oath on Consecrated Ground created by the Zealotry)
+ Fortify
+ CWDT + Immortal Call with 2-3 Endurance Charges

What this build can do:

+ Faceroll normal Atziri
+ Faceroll T10-T15 Maps no matter the mods (except ele reflect)
+ Faceroll Uber Lab (seriously)
+ Faceroll T16 Guardians (just avoid Phoenix blast or use ruby)
+ Faceroll Elder Guardians
+ Faceroll Red Elder
+ Shaper deathless (also faceroll if you are familiar with the mechanics)
+ Uber Elder (also deathless if you are familiar with the fight)

Uber Atziri I didnt test yet.

Any isses?:

Not really. Just passive points hungry. You need to reach lvl 95 for it to really shine.

My current gear and gems in Legion:

My recent luxury upgrades:

Use Inc AoE for mapping and Conc Eff for bosses.

Notes on gear:

Note 1: 6l chest is not mandatory, build will work with 5l (but with way less DPS) - just drop Inc AoE / Conc Eff.

Note 2: Shaper's Touch are BIS. They will provide tons of ES, evasion and 87% chance to hit on theyr own.

Note 3: Helmet enchant is not mandatory. "30% to not consume charges" is BIS for this build but its rare and expensive. You may go with "40% increased Discharge dmg" or without the enchant at all. It will be just less DPS again.

Note 4: +1 frenzy corruption is mandatory. But it is really cheap on Shaper's Touch. Buy it.

Note 5: +1 endurance corruption is optional. You will deal again a bit less DPS without it. However from all the "luxury" upgrades this one is at the end of your priority line.

Note 6: Because we go Trickster CI we can choose between pure ES gear and hybrid Evasion/ES gear. The latter being cheaper and easier to color (especially chest) while providing both ES and Evasion (thats a no brainer).

This is why Atziri's Splendour is a BIS chest. Just make sure to buy evasion/ES version, with min of 1000 Evasion and 400 ES.

Note 7: The Vertex is a great helmet for this build, having Synergies with the Tricskter Ascendancy, providing half of the total evasion, good ammount of the ES and +1 to socketed gems. This last property makes your lvl 20 Discipline lvl 21 but more importantly your lvl 3 Enlighten lvl 4 for reduced mana reserved by other socketed gems. That said if you have acces to a 300+ ES helmet with "30% to not consume charges" Discharge enchant with some other good stats (res for example) you can buy it. Just remember that you will need lvl 4 Enlighten as well.

Note 8: This kind of Watcher's Eye may be hard to obtain. Try to buy one with at least either "increased dmg taken to enemies" or "increased critical strike chance" while affected by Zealotry.

Note 9: Power Charges Precursor's Emblem is a must have. It is not that expensive so just buy it. Secound ring is disputable. I recommend using The Gifts from Above for a total of 60%+ added to our global critical strike chance and 50% dmg increase. However if u have problems with res capping use Diamond ring with high accuracy roll (350+). You will loose a bit of dmg but you wont kill yourself.

Note 10: What to look on jewels? Double crit multi is a must have (tripple if you can afford it is BIS). With Discharge you can choose from: global crit multiplier, crit multiplier with spells, crit multiplier with elemental skills, crit multiplier with fire/cold/lightning skills. Just search for cheapest combination. On one jewel you need at least 5% chance to poison on hit. Aim for all resistances with the others.

Note 11: shield corruption is optional but it will give you nice ES boost. Just make sure you have at least +143 to maximum ES roll on it before corrupting. Where to corrupt for 30q? Bestiary altar recipe. And no It wont brick your shield.

Final note: You need some source of bleed dmg on hit if cant have it on your dagger than use Voidheart ring in place of The Gifts from Above. I tried to run bleed out of jewels and 10-15% chance is not enough. You need 20% at least.

Notes on gems:

Note 1: We use 3L Vortex - Bonechill - Arcane Surge setup for 2 reasons - one to chill bosses and 2 to trigger Bonechill and Arcane Surge "more" dmg multipliers. All in all this setup provides about 25% more Cold damage, 13% more Lightning damage and 13% more Fire damage.

Note 2: In our first CWDT 4-link we use Assasin's Mark as it is way better than Elemental Focus. It acts like secound Increased Critical Strikes Support gem boosting base critical strike chance for both Cyclone and Discharge that is than scaled further by global Critical Strike Chance increases. Assasin's Mark also acts like "more" multiplier to our final Critical Damage. Frost Bomb is also great as it lowers cold resistances by 25% and doesnt suffer from "66% less aura effectiveness" penaulty on bosses.

Note 3: Vaggan dagger (hit's cant be evaded) can and should be used if u can afford / have one. However if you dont - use Precision aura for added accuracy and global critical chance. This together with all the aura effectiveness nodes from the passive tree will put you at 95%+ chance to hit and provide +70% global critical strike chance. This is why even with Vaggan dagger suffix I will recommend to still use Precision aura.

Note 4: Zealotry is BIS aura for this build. It provides tons of crit chance - 51% for spells with all the aura eff nodes from tree, but more importantly Consecrated Ground provides +100% global critical strike chance for hits against enemies that are on it. This works for both Discharge and Cyclone and other CWDT linked skills. More than that thx to Zealot's Oath we can regen 500+ ES per sec while on Consecrated Ground.

Notes on flasks:

Note 1: Unfreeze flask is a must have. Period.

Note 2: Remove burning flask is a must have for certain bosses (Summit, Atziri).

One final note: you need a source of flat +fire or lightning damage to your cyclone. This is to trigger Elemental Equilibrium on your cold dmg part. From the two I preffer to go fire as I will be still able to shock lesser mobs and map bosses with this. You can have flat ele dmg on a Dagger (best option) or on a jewel (you may loose some crit multi from jewel this way). Last option is to have it on rare ring but still I recommend to go with Precursor's + Gifts from Above combo.

Now one can argue why Volls Devotion and not The Pandemonius? We do mostly cold dmg right? In short: Volls is still better.

Long anserw:
The Pandemonius provides about the same DPS when we consider 4/4/5 charges and even less DPS when we consider "30% chance to not consume charges" Discharge enchant. Pandemonius adds +dex and blind on hit. Thats good. But at the same time it lacks all res from Volls (hard to res cap this thing) it lacks Energy shield from Volls both in terms of flat +ES and +Int and it lacks str (so you're basically trading Dex for Str) and str is needed for a) The Red Trails and b) it adds to your maximum ES thx to Shaper's Touch.

Endurance charges provided by the Volls neck are not only for dmg. They are also for additional protection. The new Immortal Call works really well with endurance charges on a CWDT link.

So it all comes to this:

blind on hit + Dex vs less physical AND elemental dmg taken, more ES, more all elemental resistances, Str, and burning applied to lesser enemies.

Final lvl 95 passive skill tree:

passive skill tree

Ascendancy class choice: Trickster

Ascendancy order:

1) Escape Artist
2) Swift Killer
3) Harness the Void


Alira. Not much to say. Just do it.

Now CoC in general is a bit fractious build. You have many things to worry about and It wont work as intendent before you meet all its requirements.

So here are some numbers to aim for:

+ you need max of 7.6 APS when at full frenzy charges with at least 14% CDR (inc cooldown recovery) belt, so optimal Dagger APS is 1.6-1.7

+ you need at least 60% Cyclone base critical strike chance without any charges, with Precision on while in hideout. Less than that and build will feel very unstable, chunky. The more you can get over 60% the better and the smoother the build will go. So the higher base crit your dagger has the better. I would consider 8.3 base crit on Dagger as minimum.

+ you need 10k Evasion unflasked in hideout, otherwise get ready to use your Jade flask very frequently in combat...

+ you need at least 32 mana regen in hideout without Arcane Surge bonus to support your 6L Cyclone setup, this is achieved with Alira bandits reward and passive skill tree nodes - especially with the "Arcane Will" which will add good ammount of mana regen and decent ammount of ES at the same time.

+ without a Vaggan Dagger you need at least 94% chance to hit with your cyclone when in hideot, this is achieved with Shaper's Touch and lvl 15 Precision Aura.

+ for end-game content (Shaper, Guardians, Elders) you need at least 7k ES.

+ something that I forgot and will add later.

Guide on how to craft your dream Dagger:

Well first of all crafting your own Dagger only makes sense when you badly want that Vagan mod (Hits cant be evaded). Otherwise just dont bother and buy a Dagger with propper mods for less than 10c.

Now if you want that dream Vagan Dagger come true you need:

1) Multimod crafting recipe obtained from the Pale Court

2) Hits can't be evaded Vagan mod that can be obtained from unveiling Vagan weapons dropped by a Vagan Master from Betrayal encounters. It is rare and you need few unveils (I believe its 2-3) before you can use it. So you must hunt down Vagan in those Betrayal encounters really hard. Dont interrigate him, kill him, rank him up, pray for that mod to spawn when unveiling.

3) Good base Dagger which is ilvl 83+ Imperial Skean. Thats right Imperial Skean. You can get along with Royal Skean or just Skean but you will hit a bit less attack speed on those.

If you have all the ingredients its time to cook!

1) Try to hit T1 local crit mod so 35-38% increased Critical Strike chance using your alts.

Now you have 2 options: you have that crit mod alone which is good or you have that crit mod paired with other mod which can be good if its a) attack speed or b) 50%+ spell dmg increase. If non of this happen alt again.

2) Regal it with fingers crossed for one of the following mods: a) attack speed or b) 50%+ spell dmg increase.

Now you have a rare Dagger with mods that you want or with mods that you want and one mod that you dont want. Either use orb of Annulment with again fingers crossed to remove unwanted mod or Scour the Dagger and start again.

If you end up with a rare Dagger with just and only mods that you need proceed:

3) Multimod it for 2ex

4) Craft Hits Can't be evaded for 3ex

5) Craft any remaining mods.

All in all you need following mods on your final Dream Dagger:


1) Increased critical strike chance
2) Increased attack speed
3) Can have multiple crafting mods


1) Hits can't be evaded
2) 50%+ spell dmg increase (you can go pure spell dmg for 1ex or spell dmg with x% gained as chaos dmg unveil mod)
3) 20% chance to cause bleeding on hit (its paired with physical dmg increase but it counts as a one mod)
3) added fire or lightning dmg

Third prefix depends on your gear choices: you need bleed on hit if u plan to use Gifts from Above (recommended) but than you need other source of flat +fire / +lightning dmg to attacks (jewel); you need flat light/fire dmg on your Dagger only if you have gg rare jewels with 3x crit multi and plan to use Voidheart instead of Gifts from Above.

Example of good crafted Dagger:

Latest guides:
3.11 Loki's Rainbownuke:
3.7 CI CoC Discharge: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605608
3.7 Juggernaut life Mjolner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362
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Latest guides:
3.11 Loki's Rainbownuke:
3.7 CI CoC Discharge: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605608
3.7 Juggernaut life Mjolner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362
Thanks Rico! Can't wait to try the build
Thx Rico!!!

Finally a good dps Discharge build!! ;)

(\ /)
( . .)♥
shield is expensive
you have Replacement ?
redix27 wrote:
Thx Rico!!!

Finally a good dps Discharge build!! ;)

Yeah, it took me a while ;p
Latest guides:
3.11 Loki's Rainbownuke:
3.7 CI CoC Discharge: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605608
3.7 Juggernaut life Mjolner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362
Tessa99 wrote:
shield is expensive
you have Replacement ?

I dont consider 1.7ex as being expensive, not at this stage in the league at least. But well I guess it depends on ones budget. Anyway shield is mandatory and you will kill yorself without it.
Latest guides:
3.11 Loki's Rainbownuke:
3.7 CI CoC Discharge: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605608
3.7 Juggernaut life Mjolner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362
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I wanted to give this a go but it's like 40+ exalt on PS4 man feels bad!
Never the less thank you for updating build it looks like alot of fun!
Decided to give this a try and let me say that I am soooo glad that I did.
Thank you for the hard work.

Working on the helm enchant and labs are a breeze.

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What about Pantheon? Major God and Minor God?

(\ /)
( . .)♥

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