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Bronnbur wrote:
Is immortal Call still right for this Build? I got changed recently...?

I think you should change it to steelskin or molten shell, as someone mentioned i don't think we generate endurance charges so it doesn't necessarily worth it.
The server had problems and crashed 3 post :O
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The server had problems and crashed 3 posts :O
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Will you play this league with this build and if so include your progression? It would be really helpful!

After a short adventure with Animated Weapon and now at Stun Grand Slam, I decided to play myself with a good Charged Dash, previous characters did not bring me the fun I expected :)

So I start lvling Scion, probably it will not be too fast. I have no time to play in this league (my wife is 9 months pregnant, on days my second daughter will appear in the world and the first is two years old so there is what to do at home: )) but I will definitely look for a new jewel for this build.

Is immortal Call still right for this Build? I got changed recently...?

We don't have Endurance anymore, so IC is unnecessary, Armor is also practically zero due to ES gear so Steelskin is the best option now.

do you have any videos in new atlas? with new bosses? all you videos are like year old.

I'm coming back to this build, something will definitely appear :)
hi guys, can u give me some advices for which is the best large jewel between these 2? and if is it worth to start using one of them, sacrificing some point from the tree?

ty a lot


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Definitely Spirit Heart, Charged Dash to attack so Spell Damage gives us absolutely nothing.
Found good Jewel instead of few minor skill:

What do you think?
so what ascendancy should I use? the build says one thing in the description but another thing in the PoB?

Any suggestions or example for Occultist/Champion tree?
so what ascendancy should I use? the build says one thing in the description but another thing in the PoB?

Any suggestions or example for Occultist/Champion tree?

PoB is always more current, I have to change the description in Ascendancy, it is a bit outdated. Thanks for the information.

Currently, I do not play because I do not have time, my second daughter is two weeks old, so there is something to do, especially since the older one is only two years old. But I'm planning to finish this build in this league, we have great opportunities thanks to the new claster jewel.

The PoB link I plan to do (items are just like I'm wearing and jewels) I only finished the tree because I was at level 84. so when it comes to gear it is a lot to improve, all items can be better.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/RmNVjNrX (Most bonuses from Cluster Jewel unfortunately do not work)

What has changed:
I changed the ascendancy to Raider + Occu, the raider is much faster, it also generates frenzy charge on bosses, where the champion had only on clear thanks to Blood Rage. Of course Occu is fundamental to the second curse and stun immune but as the second one Raider, Champion, Jugg and Templar will work well.

As for Gear, it stays the same, only what I recommend using Hunter Crystal Belt with % Attributes, in fact Cyclopean gives us 18% and nothing more and Crystal will give us a maximum of 14% but lots of ES and other good rolls with other useful things. On endgame you can have 14% Attributes and Flat int (Hunter influence for Attributes and Essence of Spite for flat int roll).This one is my craft, it cost me around 40c (I rolled in chaos).

Here you can see int+ % attributes


Cluster Jewel I recommend.


Lucky gives a huge dps boost, the more that lightning damage is very stretched, from HOWA we have 1-10 lucky. Well, and 10% extra damage as Cold probably do not need to be translated. We need also two slots for jewels, the smaller the number of passives, the better, but of course such are more expensive.

2x Medium:

We have a huge Shock Chance, can say that the target is always Shock, so thanks to that it is also Chilled, it causes that 10% extra damage from Large Jewel works, and of course it slows down mobs which is a great thing for additional defense. Overshock increases our damage and allows us to apply even more powerful shock.

Rapid Infusion, increases our speed which is always cool with charged dash. And Infusion which is both a defense and offensive buff.
HeX Breaker, mainly for Curse immunity. You can use a substitution of another notable (for example this for the Endurace generation but I prefer Curse Immunity).

2x Small:

Here we have three options, each is good. Flat ES is the strongest for defense, 2x such a jewel gives a huge ES boost. Bigger leech is also always cool and % int need not be explained, we have two small slots so you can use two different ones. Personally, I think I will use 2x flat ES here.

Happy Easter! :)
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I currently have an int stacking whispering ice build. Xbox servers can't seem to handle it and crash/freezes alot.

I have 9800es and 2900 int.

I see you are using charged dash, any other options here? Not much in terms of spell damage or attack speed or crit. Looking to transition to a spell or how that benefits off Int.

Check out my toon Dek_Love
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