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Hi sorry but which ascandencies do we use? Cause in your pastebin you use Inquis + Jugg but in the first thread and the passive tree link you use Occu+Champion?
Azeruk wrote:
Hi sorry but which ascandencies do we use? Cause in your pastebin you use Inquis + Jugg but in the first thread and the passive tree link you use Occu+Champion?

Occu+Champion should be more actual.

Killed Sirus pretty fast with this build even before nerf, but I did some little changes. Here are my few thoughts about this build:

- I don't know if gem links setups are actual, but since there is no source to generate endurence charges anymore I'm using Steelskin instead of IC
- No regen and less recovery mods on maps should be rerolled if possible, cuz those can be deadly as fck without mana potion
- using Cinderswallow Urn on maps which gives 3% es recovery on kill + 3% es regen
- using Atziri's Promise for extra dmg and leech
- anoint on amulet Claws of the Pride instead Versatility - little less es much more dmg
- Precision has great mods on Watcher's Eye, currently have atk speed and atk dmg boost while precision, which is probably the best 2x precision combo
- Enchant on helmet Blood and Sand has 40% increased buff effect is a great choice dps-wise, probably Charged Dash with ms would be good too for QoL, but didnt check it
- Shaper's Touch gloves gives more dmg and surprisingly more es then well-rolled Sorcerer Gloves, but with that swap resistances must be huge in other rare items

Now boots with Tailwind and Elusive is my goal.
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If you look at kelvynn's Whispering ice build you can kinda merge the trees a bit and come up with something which has higher ES, which I think is important this league because the clarity watchers is too expensive. Also getting a chest with 'socketed attakcs have -15 to mana cost' goes a yuuuuge way for this build esp with no regen maps. at 6l , my Charged dash only cost 3 mana ( or 2 mana if i swapped pulverize out for fortify) , and i could ahve easily gotten it down to 0 mana if i bothered to invest some more into the build.

the ascendancies are also quite flexible on this build as long as you take one with stun immunity (jugg or occ), the other can be pretty much anything, i did have some difficulty on sirus with elementalist/jugg but i could have probably made a jugg/pathfinder build work as there are some good flask nodes right near scion that synergize super well with pf ascendancy.

10/10 one of my fav builds ive played in 3 years and very reasonable for a league starter. expensive to scale later thanks to how pricey ES shit is( thanks to i think summoner builds which are due for a nerf) . My only issue with the build was on tough bosses , being able to keep my leech rate going at a good clip but i could have maybe played around with that more to make that better, just didnt want to harm my map clear on this build which was super smooth
Please, update passive tree if it possible. Thank you!
New player here around level 89 now. Was wondering the choice of having Blood Rage linked to Cast When Damage Taken? Wouldn't the two be counter-intuitive since once take a big hit you'll start losing HP instead of having the fast ES regen quicker?
3.10 - There are no major changes, build is at the same place
Hey thanks for the build!

This really feels unique, i wanted something out of the box, even though i really just started to get into the game last league. I'm going to leaguestart with this for sure, I'm really hyped up for it and great because it seems you can scale it up quite high, and I don't know if i'll have the time to lvl another char this league.
Will you play this league with this build and if so include your progression? It would be really helpful!
hi. this league i wanna start with Scion (never played it before), so this build is my choice :) will see how it goes. Please keep it up to date for us, we will follow :)
do you have any videos in new atlas? with new bosses? all you videos are like year old.
Is immortal Call still right for this Build? I got changed recently...?

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