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I might be missing something, but is Dread Banner useful here? I checked in PoB fork and impale doesn't add much at all. The adrenaline from War Banner placement is pretty strong however.
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loczek123 wrote:
Is immortal Call still right for this Build? I got changed recently...?

We don't have Endurance anymore, so IC is unnecessary, Armor is also practically zero due to ES gear so Steelskin is the best option now.

Charging Offensive on amulet (through oils) will give a good damage increase and Endurance/Frenzy charges.
Really interested to see how I can make this build work in 3.12! Do you think normal Charged dash quality (attack speed) is still best? Alternative ones are +10% more Movement Speed and 20% increased travel distance
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I'll be coming back to this build, we'll see what comes out of it.

https://pastebin.com/ghrKyyhC This is the plan :)
NEW 3.13 POB https://pastebin.com/bycaTMc2 With my current items (none created in PoB) very weak gear (3ex)

3.6 milion Projection phase give around 9 milion in Steering and 2.7 Release per stack (can have up to 8 stack atm).

After spending a lot of time in PoB, I came to the final version. The skill tree is completely rebuilt, we will be using Inquisitor + Champion, it comes out best DPS even at the cost of the fact that we have to add some talents in Stun Avoidance when Channeling.

We will be using two Cluster Jewel (the most important is Supercharge - it gives about 20% damage to the boost). We also use 2x Split Personality Jewel placed in our Cluster, one is Intelligence and Accuracy, the other is Intelligence and Dexterity (or Energy Shield but this one is very expensive).

The gear remained unchanged from previous versions, Astramentis, 2x HoWA and rare with Intelligence and Energy Shield. I will not use Cyclopean anymore, because now rare belt can have 14% Attribute plus additional stuff, so it is much more profitable to use such a belt.

Currently I am making red T11-T14 maps with only 84 lvl, I have no problems DPS is amazing, previous build versions were much smaller considering how crapy gear I have. I also have no problems with survival, I am very mobile. I will make some new videos in this league because the build does the job.

Currently my gear costs me around 3 ex.

As you can see, there is a lot to upgrade, practically everything will be replaced over time, I'll start with Chest, Intelligence and Attributes because it will give me a huge boost. Boots / Gloves and Helmet must have bigger ES and Helmet would be welcome with- to opponents resists. A large cluster need additional Disorienting Display. And finally, rings with % intelligence from Corrupt or Implict.

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looking for new video for 3.13
Currently I am level 94, I am dying very rarely.

I have very little time to play as I mentioned, so I still have quite bad items, since last post I have exchanged chest (I bought it occasionally for 15c and made 6l). The belt I made myself, I only bought the base, Corrupted on HOWA is also my job, and the Hands of the High Templar that I bought and it is the most expensive item so far, I do not feel much pressure on the gear update because I play very nice both damage and defense are okay of course as soon as i have more currency i will buy another upgrade, i think with really expensive items, Watcher Eye i am able to get 12-13k ES.

Current PoB: https://pastebin.com/ZHJy0vBt

An important update from the previous post is going back to Inqiusitor + Occultist, Stun Avoidance while channeling is not enough and I got stun sometimes between channels, so it's a must-have.

https://youtu.be/IsyuGtAE8Bk I recorded A8 T15 Channel + Veritania Conq

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I made an update of the first post for 3.13. I still have a little bit to update there.
As this is my favorite skill, it is possible that it will start this and this season, we'll see what I can do with it. I not have many time for play now, I am a happy father of two daughters (3 years old and 1 year old) and doing own build requires a lot of time for PoB and various tests, so I do not know what to do.

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