g00fy_goober's Bad Boy's Ballerina Cyclone Slayer (Easily clear all content)

g00fy_goober wrote:

I'm done arguing with you. Idk how many people in guide and outside have told me they are running the build and it is doing great. Your too busy crying about not putting in any effort.

Yes things can be updated in the guide and not just listed in the changelog and it would make things easier for ppl new or reading the build HENCE WE SAYING THE BUILD NEEDS AN UPDATE/REVAMP.

If you can't be bothered to read the changelog and want to sit and cry about every item and mod not being reflected on the original gear that I posted I can't help you.... Your probably one of the same entitled brats that think I should redo every build every single league and reupload a new video every single time something changes too right? CUZ OMG VIDEO IS OLD AND IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THIS ANYMORE.

As I have summed up so many times already. The build is still changed to 3.16 even though it needs a revamp because the core functionality is still the same. Regardless of whether it is perfectly min/maxed to your liking. If you don't want to use it then again by all means PLEASE LEAVE. I don't care about you and your crying does not bother me in the slightest.

Read the changelog and use your brain or cry yourself to sleep because how dare he put 3.16 in title and make you read changelog and not change every single sentence in the guide to make sure it is up to date even though the build creator stated it needs polishing/update/revamp but still works the same at it's core.

Either way remove your entitled bratty self from my thread.

man oh man, still the insults because you cant argue back like an adult...

so we are in the clear, because you keep building up strawmans and arguing against them, while no argument you argue against did i ever type.

i want you to update the title when the build is up to date. thats it. if you dont want to update it right away: i dont care. if you want to use not even close to min/max gear, do that. but (for the fifth time now) update the title when you have updated the guide.

i have my own cyclone pob and was looking for inspiration, your build was an insult. fitting, because all you do is insulting me.

i dont care how many people are telling you that they use this "baseline".

this build needs to be modified HEAVILY to just function in maps. not a little tweaks and bits and bobs. and if you dont want to update it ever, that is fine. but dont change the freaking title every league and keep everything as is. (six times now)

Edit: quick edit because i might not reply, without wanting to insult you, you are by FAR the most toxic "guide" writer i have ever interacted with.
Last edited by Zambajazz on Oct 28, 2021, 9:47:19 AM
Agreed, Zambajzz. I came to the guide to get PoB tree inspiration for my cyclone slayer only to find out the only thing remotely "3.16" was the title. I don't care if someone decides to abandon a build guide - guide writers aren't getting paid and time is precious. As someone who nearly always follows guides (I've done two original "meh" builds.), I really appreciate what guide writers do for the community. However, it's pretty sketchy to update the title to indicate a 3.16 build and then only update the changelog to indicate no changes have been made.
Last edited by Vandayr on Oct 28, 2021, 3:10:22 PM
Does someone play this build and do maps with tier ~15? I would like to inspect characters for check items/tree due to the lack of update in the current version.
This dude rly just put "3.16" in the title without changing a single thing lmao

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