[3.7] DW Cospri CoC Cyclone Vaal Ice Nova - Easy End Game / MF Setup / All in One Build

I've been playing this build and loving it. some changes i made were Gloves: Leap slam - Faster Attacks - Blood and sand

I like the toggle for AoE or Single Target and i still have 28 mana for leap slamming. it regens faster than i can spend it so...nice bonus.

I had been using flame dash-Vaal RF in a 2 socket but it seemed clunky to use and i like the extra AoE more than the extra damage... it already does crazy damage anyways.

if you dont want to go with command of the pit you can go with nice rares and add fortify to your leap slam...havent checked the mana use though so it might mean you have to add mana somewhere or use a lvl 4 enlighten in helm.

I managed to get an ice nova 30% chance to freeze enchant and it's amazing qol. dropped my freezing pulse, even at 21/23 it didnt feel right. might get another set of cospris and try some different things on swap like the life leech setup or something...

i also added ice golem to the boots CWDT, not sure if it makes a difference but why not... if i white socket them ill try other golems.

im using 2 frozen trails and that's fun for clearing.

dont have white sockets in chest so i dont have a single target conc effect setup but i haven't found it necessary. killed uber elder and temple atziri with a few deaths but thats because im spamming so many particles i cant see the mechanics lol, carried full groups through 8 mod map rotas.. etc etc. its super fun and powerful but you do get oneshot sometimes... maybe with crazy investment we could get it to be a bit tankier but it can do all the content if you are careful. im at 4800 hp and it gets sketchy lol, but i have an elder ring with life gain on hit and warlords mark that can sustain me in delve with 60ish stacks of darkness as long as i keep spinning on mobs.

idk, check out my character... my abyss jewels suck but it's all working out anyways.


Okay, well, i tried this build, its really too squishy, even with Headhunter i use. From T11 up the legion mobs simply f*ck you so often ... it just sucks.
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