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nice time to learn
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I wish there was a portuguese one, well... time to cry
i hope soon you need a translator figure for Italian :)
Love you GGG :D
any Chinese translator needed?
Tomberry wrote:

tl;dr: Wtf is a "Gemme"

-> Gemme
Actually if you are looking for English-Polish translation, I could do this in my spare time :)
Email sent =)
Tomberry wrote:

"Sphäre" is rarely used in the German language, it has 2 syllables and requires you to open your mouth much wider.

Do you really think English speakers regularly talk about orbs in their day-to-day lives?

Wreaclast is a fantasy world set in a medieval time - a word being somewhat exotic and rarely used these days really isn't an argument considering this background.

Tomberry wrote:

So if you combine these 2 words, the German one is much longer and harder to pronounce:
"Er-hab-en-e Sphä-re" 6 syllables
"Ex-alt-ed Orb" 4 syllables

...and why would that be a problem? How often do you talk to your computer when playing PoE and need to be able to talk fast?

In your introduction, you criticised movie synchronisations for the changes to dialogue contents merely for the sake of remaining synchronous with the actors' lip movements. Now you suddenly cite the number of syllables as an argument where lip synching isn't even a factor?

Tomberry wrote:

A better example would be "Regal Orb", GGG went with "Hoheitliche Sphäre", which translates back to "royal sphere"
Instead of using something like "Edel Orb", Edel = Noble/fine (base veredeln = refine)

"Re-gal Orb" 3 syllables
"Ho-heit-li-che Sphä-re" 6 syllables
"E-del Orb" 3 syllables

If you're German, try to pronounce these 3, 20 times each: Regal Orb, Edel Orb and Hoheitliche Sphäre

"Edel Orb"? Dude, that's not even German. That's about as German as "Schnell Car" or "Köstlich Food"

Tomberry wrote:

Slink Gloves
"Slink Gloves" 2
Slink translate to "sneak" in some form, but was translated to supple/smooth for some reason)
Gescheidge Handschuhe
"Ge-schmei-di-ge Hand-schu-he" 7
Schleich Handschuhe (sneak gloves)
"Schleich Hand-schu-he" 4

"Schleich Handschuhe"? As in the gloves you wear for sneaking so you don't make so much noise while walking? Apart from the fact that it would have to be "Schleichhandschuhe" to avoid the wrong space (it's not "Computer Spiel" or "Apfel Kuchen" or "Kaffee Kanne", either), I don't think this makes much sense. ;)

But seriously, and just FYI: "slink" is also a noun. It is defined as "the young of an animal (such as a calf) brought forth prematurely; also : the flesh or skin of such an animal" in the Merriam-Webster monolingual dictionary, for example

This skin can be processed to leather, and gloves or shoes made of this leather are characterised by their exceptional softness and smoothness... in other words, they are very "geschmeidig" indeed.

So this translation was very well done and sounds perfectly natural, too.

Another user was already kind enough to point you towards the meaning of "Gemme".

After playing the game in English for so long, any translation is bound to feel "unnatural", "weird", or whatever. It's simply because you're not used to it. This makes it hard to differentiate between translations that actually are awkward (in themselves) and those that only seem awkward (for being something you are not used to).

Maybe this is why they rely on professionals rather than on a community effort, although I must say those people who actually did contribute mostly did a very good job IMO.
Tomberry wrote:
"Sphäre" is rarely used in the German language, it has 2 syllables and requires you to open your mouth much wider.

Fun fact: I remember that GGG once mentioned in a post that the original term for "orb" was actually "sphere".

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