We're hiring Spanish and German Translators

honestly i would LOVE to do this. but having a kid i never know how many hours a day i can spare and especially WHEN. most likely i could offer evenings or afternoons but that's unfortunately not what you're looking for. kinda sad :(
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Finally Kalisa's Grace it getting an appropiate translation :D

Note musn't be "Notiz (memo)" but "Note (tone)", because she's the Empire's No.1 Singer

Fun aside....good to hear you stock up the translators for reasons (4.0?)
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Im waiting for Polish language. This gonna be huge challenge :-)
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Why they don't open translations to community? Would handle it much quicker and for far more languages...
@GGG: One thing you may want to look out for in future (4.0?) would be the way in which texts can be provided. I participated a bit in the community attempts to improve the German version, and although the community was very constructive and coordinated (by creating a spreadsheet with tabs for the different categories of texts and columns for original wording, existing translation and improvement suggestions), it was a royal pain because every bit of text had to be called up in game and then entered into the spreadsheet manually.

The community would have been able to help out much better if there had been a possibility to make it easier. You do have some skilled people here who could (and would be willing to) contribute, just not necessarily in terms of an actual job.

For example, I happen to be a professional translator with more than 10 years of full-time job experience under my belt, but I cannot take another job, and contributing in my free time is made unnecessarily hard for the reasons listed above.

Why they don't open translations to community? Would handle it much quicker and for far more languages...

Grim Dawn has been translated by the community, respectively will be furter translated when new texts appear in updates.

Crate provides the English texts, the community translate and upload them, and they can finally be used ingame.

Works perfect since a long time!

GGG should have used the same system right from the beginning.

But they decided to use professional payed persons, in my opinion they are not fully worth the money (for the German translation, I don´t know how good the other translations are) until now.

Hope this will be better in the future...

@GGG: Try to get some feedback from the community before you change/add/improve the actual translations, PoE deserves a "perfect" translation, and remember that specially German has a lot of words for the same thing, so it´s easy to use the "wrong" words sometimes!

Große deutsche Community mit TS, Forum und Infos gesucht? -> http://www.exiled.eu/
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oh right. there exists a german translation these days. thank god I know english so I don't have to witness bad or weird translation. translation is just so damn hard to make it sound right. bet there are many qualified poe fans around. time to make ze translation wunderbar.
as for spanish, cerveza!
Hey, hey! It's the Postal Dude! Get him!
Man i wish my english was good enough to perfectly translate everything to german. That'd be an actual dream job, working for the company that created one of my most played games. Online times, lack of english knowledge and my actual full-time job say no though :(

Too bad, good luck on the search!
I would like to help with the German translation, but I do not have enough time for a second job. Translation organized as a community service would be great, I would participate from time to time.

Viel Erfolg!
My wife teach spanish at school and can speak german at very high level to but she was like "for a computer game"? hell no

sorry did my best to explain to her :/
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