We're hiring Spanish and German Translators

I was thinking about some kinda crowd sourced translation, too. And if you are afraid of leaking too much top secret sauce you could still hand those pieces over to some NDA-limited professionals. You could reward contributors with ingame coins.

I'd help. Even without payment :)
Well I hope you'll need an italian one soon too.
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When is Korean Trading guidelines done? Or some Korean how to behave in game guide? Thanks
I know Thai people and a Thai person that works in movie production if you need voice actors.
Berek's Grip Ice Spear
Budget Magicfind and/or Hardcore Flame Totem
No Polish ? meh...
Maybe hire coders too. Game should not have to updated every 2 days.

Servers are ridiculously slow.
Please add an option to ingore whole nation instead of single person. I don't want to be pm with scam offers from koreans all day long.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
bamper1 wrote:
Im waiting for Polish language. This gonna be huge challenge :-)

I'm OK too with english version, but Gods, I wish I'd play in my native language some day...

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I'm German and I'd like to support the game in anyway I can, so I was wondering if I could actually do this.

I've played Path of Exile since closed beta, when the Vaal Oversoul in A2 was the "final" boss.

I've always played in English and I would always prefer to when possible.
In Germany every movie, every TV-Series and every foreign book apparently has to be translated into German. Usually there are many translation errors, some even break the context of the subject completely. For example, some movies change whole conversations, just so the lipsync seems to be more accurate. In addition to that, the German language is longer than English, with most words having atleast one additional syllable. The whole thing, most of the time, just feels wrong and unnaturally.

Until this day I've never checked for any of the German translation/names, so I thought to myself: "What would I translate "X" into?

The first thing that came to my mind was "Exalted Orb". "Exalted" was pretty easy to translate, there are multiple words that fit the descriptions/theme and lenght. GGG went with "Erhabene" which is fine.
"Orb" however is kinda fucked.
There are 2 base translations for "Orb": "Kugel" and "Sphäre" which translate back to "ball" and "sphere".
You see, "Orb" is an easy to pronounce word, both in German and English, 1 syllable, smooth facial movement, so it would be easy to use as a name or item type in German.
GGG decided to go with "Sphäre"

"Sphäre" is rarely used in the German language, it has 2 syllables and requires you to open your mouth much wider.

So if you combine these 2 words, the German one is much longer and harder to pronounce:
"Er-hab-en-e Sphä-re" 6 syllables
"Ex-alt-ed Orb" 4 syllables

A better example would be "Regal Orb", GGG went with "Hoheitliche Sphäre", which translates back to "royal sphere"
Instead of using something like "Edel Orb", Edel = Noble/fine (base veredeln = refine)

"Re-gal Orb" 3 syllables
"Ho-heit-li-che Sphä-re" 6 syllables
"E-del Orb" 3 syllables

If you're German, try to pronounce these 3, 20 times each: Regal Orb, Edel Orb and Hoheitliche Sphäre

Just looking at a few item names makes me want to claw my eyes out and I haven't even checked anything ingame..
Timeless Eternal Empire Splinter
Time-less E-ter-nal Em-pire Splin-ter 9
Immerwährender Splitter des Ewigen Kaiserreiches
Im-mer-wäh-ren-der Split-ter des E-wi-gen Kai-ser-rei-ches 15

Slink Gloves
"Slink Gloves" 2
Slink translate to "sneak" in some form, but was translated to supple/smooth for some reason)
Gescheidge Handschuhe
"Ge-schmei-di-ge Hand-schu-he" 7
Schleich Handschuhe (sneak gloves)
"Schleich Hand-schu-he" 4

Just knowing that you would have to work with this base already there, instead of translating everything from scratch..
Yeah.. nope, no.

tl;dr: Wtf is a "Gemme"
I can help with german translations.

Im vietnamese studied german when i was in the czech
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!

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