3.7.3d Patch Notes

So NO FIX for Mapbosses drop maps of higher Tier?

How come that if I do 700 Jungle Valley maps, the boss never drops higher than a T4 Beach map?????????????????????????????????????????????
Pl4t1numX wrote:
ty for patch

can we have an "craft all" button for flares pls? not have to click up to 19 or 20 flares all the time would be quality of life

dude, you know nothing about quality of life...we need aoe loot like in diablo 3 not your ******* flares

also a guy above me mentioned interesting problem...spamming about flares is just waste of space
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IamLoco wrote:
We have been going through a lot of recent community feedback about topics such as lag spikes, client crashes, game performance, server issues and bugs related to things like animation cancelling. While many of the reports relate to localised problems like defective hardware and ISP routing issues, there are certainly real things to solve and general improvements that can be made.

You got to be kidding here...
Now it´s not only our ISPs that cause lags, it´s now also our defective hardware?
The day you guys at GGG admit that it is actually mainly your code and your servers and your way to deal with the issue that causes the game to lag all over the world on any hardware and any ISP, might be a game changer.

Now we have broken hardware. Wow.

Agreed, GGG taking the p*ss a bit here. :(
GGG please fix the poison issue i have posted. It should be easy to fix. I cant play in the meantime..
Can you tell me, why i was killed by white legion mob??? Just hit two times by his short sword,.. and RIPERINO. That is not too much balanced. Also still need moar sulphite :(
Playing marauder @ Hardcore leagues

fix trading and lag spikes, game is no fun at all
Thanks GGG
finaly no more leap slam twice. yay
Still nothing on dx11 without shadows huh...
POGCHAMP! Thank you for all your hard work!

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