3.7.3d Patch Notes

Game is crashing a lot while using waypoints, wut?
shin9092 wrote:
When an Immortal Syndicate intervention happens, the game literally stops (i.e., gets frozen) for a few seconds. It's mostly intervention that brings about great lags/freezing. Could you do something about this as well if possible? Thanks.

PLEASE, such an old problem now
game crash...
defective hardware and ISP routing issues

You guys starting to look very much like Blizzards now..dont make that mistake, please
game crash
Game crashing when i log in, and if i have luck to get into the game, when i enter any loading screen the chances of crash is like 80%, waiting for a fix
The modifiers granted by passive skills that are conquered by Timeless Jewels are now displayed underneath the native modifiers that it grants.

YAY! This will definitely make divining those jewels less painful
after path only crashs
Game is crashing A LOT on São Paulo gateway
Can't connect to São Paulo gateway after the patch.

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