[PS4] 3.7.3b Patch Notes

ReeeeeNPC wrote:
binoculars wrote:
guys, please add filters to trade, add chat and ability to bind 4 flasks on 1 button. ps4 isn't pc.

Usability is horrible. many of my friends dropped the game because of these problems.

Trade filter is absolutely necessary. May have 'actually' played for 30 min out of 2 hours because of that garbage. Trying to find specific gear is near impossible if you dont want to spend your entire session browsing countless pages of unwanted search criteria

Best is when you spend 30+ minutes to find an item that fits your criteria only to be rejected for offering their asking price. Or to be rejected from people who arent smart enough to post a price at all.
Auto buyouts and no posting without prices should be a thing imo.

Even with a filter you end up wasting your time when offer is rejected for an item that literally has 100000 copies of it with only reason you picked it is the socket colors. But no they want 50 chaos for an ok item. What we really need is a fee to list the item and item drop from market after 7 days of not being sold.

Whay do you mean "even with a filter"? We dont have a filter at all. Think prices are insane now, imagine how they'd be if you had to pay to post. I would stop trading because I hardly even play during the week because of my work schedule.
Delve enhancement request - better handling in server lag or crashes please!

So I understand that crashes will occur - its even expected with the level of this game on the ps4 network - so is there a possibility to persist a delve map with its loot drops in the case of a crash?

It can be quite frustrating to see a Unique flask drop (first ever even) only to lose it because of a crash that happens, or movement bug causes sudden. death.

Having loot drops persist, and perhaps even maintaining the cost of sulfite spent to travel in the event of a crash would be awesome.

Not sure how hard or easy it would be but just wanted to put the idea out there!
Tell me why Xbox got a patch on the 14th, it's now Tuesday in my timezone and we usually get patches late Monday night...are we getting a patch today? Or have we just been forgotten?
Hi can we please get a function where we can change the size of the hud icons and hp globe or swap them from top to bottom as it takes up so much space on screen. Ty

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