[3.13] Ultimate EDTrickster [2M dps - UNKILLABLE] Outdated, follow at your own risk.

EvilBob2U wrote:
Yep, PoE is easy, no matter what they try to do.


Here is where I am at with a level 35 - PoB(community fork): https://pastebin.com/7yKm2QXH

Still face-rolling through content without investment in gear. What I have is what I have found.

The game is easily exploited with kiting.

Idk, my levelling experience in POE:

New things I noticed:
- have to spam mana flask 24/7 (might be just me cuz I level with toxic rain which is inherently spammy), I can't imagine levelling a trapper now, it was already obnoxious with the mana costs before this patch, how do people even tolerate it?
- 2 quicksilvers and still hard to keep charges up without excessively killing mobs
- act1 rhoas are annoying with the stunlock
- merveil cavern mobs can perma freeze you (unless you have wanderlust or some other protection)
- the league mechanic feels unrewarding in comparison to ultimatum, ritual, harvest, etc. - tried crafting with Rog, only got garbage (maybe I just suck at crafting), gamble gave me 3 uniques total only 1 of which was useful (heist was giving more early on afaik), I'm talking about how good gear you can gear from league mechanic while levelling

I think it's kinda silly to up the hp of act1 mobs because imagine new players who don't know which skills are "good" and are testing them out... All the way to act4 players are given new skills to test out, there shouldn't be only a handful of good skills for levelling and the rest some form of noob traps.

Also first 5 acts in softcore you don't lose anything for dying so it's basically a tutorial, you can corpse rush content and brute force it.
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you can corpse rush content and brute force it.


How can one make the game harder if this is possible? However, if you make death more of a hinderance, then the game becomes even less fun.

Have you ever had to go get your own corpse in Everquest? How fun was that?
EvilBob2U wrote:
How can one make the game harder if this is possible?
You can play hardcore, if you want? I don't.

Imo to make the game "harder" with a sense it would have to offer counterplay to things first. For example, who has access to anti-freeze flask in act1? Nobody. Nobody starts with levelling gear either (like wanderlust).

Or having an average flask be usable 1-3 times before it's empty vs mobs that can apply poison, corrupted blood or any other debuff every second. The usual counter play is "kill them before they apply the debuffs" (or "before you run out of flasks") which is contrary to "slow down the game" philosophy.

If they wanted players to actually play "slowly and deliberately" we'd have 20k+ hp pools but no leech, regen and very limited flasks / health regain mechanics, so people would be dying from attrition not from 1-shots.

They could also re-tune auras in general because monster auras are often the reason content is "rippy" like legions, ultimatums, etc. where 1 rare can buff 20 trash mobs with "massive crits", "extra phys damage", "phys as lightning" and other properties and when they all attack you insta die sub 1 second.

Sorry this isn't Dark Souls where we can see the mob swinging right so we dodge left. Screen clutter is typical end game experience, more so on builds with minions, totems, etc. but often just from mobs, ground effects and spell effects alone.

Builds that "feel good to play" are builds that can outregen the typical damage or ignore most of it through evasion / block / dodge. The rest feels kinda bad. Yes, you can play minions or totems and constantly hide behind them so they kill stuff off-screen or nearly off-screen but it's unfun and boring gameplay of sitting in a corner and making an educated guess "are they dead yet". I played totems a couple of times and stone golems once, it's very boring.

I don't think the solution is to make levelling longer / slower, it already feels tedious. I don't think the solution is to buff bosses hp further (have you seen Steelmage's SSFHC build how long it takes to kill a boss on upper red maps?). If anything I'd up the hp of the trash mobs while simultaneously reducing the amount of them so you don't get swarmed and MOST IMPORTANTLY improve the loot system so we don't filter out 99% of the drops (when was the last time you looted a white item in maps that wasn't a special base like vermillion ring).
^I think you have misunderstood me. I don't want the game to be harder. I don't want nerfs. To me, this type of game is about gaining power and obliterating everything.

What I have been trying to point out is the futility of balancing a game. This game is PvE, not PvP. There is nothing to balance. If some skills are more powerful than others, it doesn't matter. There is no competition between player characters here. The only competition is the economy and trying to get rich.

It is as futile as rationalizing loot. What exactly should drop? If everyone that is being slain is wearing items, then those items drop and we have to look through that. If there is only certain items worth getting, then the game is back to linear old school Final Fantasy type loot. What's in the chest? The same thing every time.
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I have no damn idea what you're rambling about
So anyone else still playing and doing this build?

Whats the plan for EDs 6th Gem? Faster Casting for QOL? Or a completly different setup?

I am confused at lvl 83 now working on my 6 link weapon...
Chumber wrote:
Whats the plan for EDs 6th Gem?
If you don't have empower, you can chug arcane surge there but then you can't play with EB.
Viktranka wrote:
Chumber wrote:
Whats the plan for EDs 6th Gem?
If you don't have empower, you can chug arcane surge there but then you can't play with EB.

Ah okay, leveling my Empower right now so its all as usual.

The new bows are quite nice tho, just need 10 more exa xD

How are those bows crafted? Is there an "easy" way?

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