[3.13] Ultimate EDTrickster [2M dps - UNKILLABLE] Outdated, follow at your own risk.

How does this perform in HCSSF in 3.14?
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Cyan101 wrote:
How does this perform in HCSSF in 3.14?

Go for the CI glancing blows version if you want to go HC, I think its linked somewhere in the guide itself.
Going for this in 3.14 on my 3rd char, the Petrified Blood mechanic is really interesting.

I hope Dark you'll be back with more insights and an update in 3.15!
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Hey, just wanted to post my experience.

I have made three characters this season: one EDTrickster without the divergent berserk gem part of the setup; one Arc Lightning Mage; and one Lancerman build. The builds are all the standard builds from poebuilds, which I think link back to this site.

But anyways, I just wanted to point out that I have found no meaningful degradation to this build pre-meta end game. I have been running maps for currency and getting my Atlas completed, but I haven't really grinded what people probably consider the end-game. My EDTrickster still has a staff and not an uber bow setup, but I do have the rest of the good gear and and some of the top jewels (don't have watcher's eye for example) and my gems are nearing 20/20. All of my characters are equipped to the point of nearing meta but not fully meta.

This build still seems to outperform the others, especially in terms of tank-y-ness. I survive Ultimatums more easily; for example, my life is never really in danger of going down, but on the others builds it spikes sometimes when the Ultimatum is in the latter stages of difficulty and I really need to be pumping those health and mana potions. I really enjoy this build guild and have found it to be one of the most perfect build guides in terms of the progression of gems to gear to better gear to spending points and all the way to optimization.

This build is the smoothest build guild by far that I have played in terms of being able to concretely advance the character in a tiered and meaningful way. Some other guides just kind of jump around or don't make the path clear. This guide really puts it together well and shows progression in a meaningful way. Thank you for the effort! :D
Another 30% damage nerf, good luck to those who will play expedition 🤣
Shuggananas wrote:
Another 30% damage nerf, good luck to those who will play expedition 🤣
Tbh I think many other builds got screwed more. COC or spellecho builds are hit with the mana cost for triggered skills. Many builds will be hit with changes to flasks.

I wanna see what "downsides" they invent for support gems, it could be anything from meaningless to making a support gem completely incompatible with some skills / playstyles. Many supports had no downside atm, like energy leech or efficacy.

Sadly rip basalt flask which will mostly hurt ES builds (CI or lowlife) as they had no phys mitigation.

We don't know which ascendancies will be nerfed (my bet on elementalist...) and which skills (bladeblast, ignite, cast on crit?)

There are 2 new chaos skills, I wonder where will they land between great and too clunky / weak to use.

The new "ward" base items seem to synergise well with evasion playstyle, but time will tell if they'll be impactful or minuscule.

So far if you wanna try POE Royale, I heard Blight OP.
This was my favorite Ed build before 3.14. Very Tanky great regen and enough dmg to get it done. I really hope something similar comes out because I’ve played the other suggested versions and didn’t have as much fun
I am playing this build since Harvest (great success), Ritual was the peak with Berserk but it still did pretty well in Ultimatum tbh, i surpassed my Harvest Dmg (Knowledge is power) but ofc stayed way below Ritual burst dmg.

Success means i've killed A8 Sirus deathless, in Ritual A9 and Maven (100x farm) and everything else the game can throw at me (Simalcrum ez), done a T15 100% at an earlier stage, worked but the dmg was a bit low and also a T16 100% which went better ;D

Nevertheless i will still try this one in ultimatum, i tried the low life occultist ED (which sucked hard) and the wandslinger which is awesome in maps but lacking damage at later maps.

So thanks again to Darkxellmc for creating it, it just suits my playstyle so very much, you are fast, you can run into shit and don't instantly die and popping 3 screens of mobs / a full legion in one go is just SO satisfying!
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Now that chaos multi is changed to suffix on weapons that will complicate the craft but has a potentially better "best case" scenario since before this build suffered from 1 dead suffix issue where you could at best get some movement speed.
I loved this build in 3.13. Tried another Ed contagion build in 3.14 and hated it. This build made me feel like I couldn’t die. I’m not good with builds i am the type of person that has to follow guides due to my time constraints but I pray somebody can revise this for 3.15. I think the tree is going to change a bit considering we need to path to ailment
Immunity and such now. I’m praying somebody can bring this build back to life for us people that can’t do it for ourselves.

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