[3.13] Ultimate EDTrickster [2M dps - UNKILLABLE] Updating in progress, petrified blood incoming!

Mautzerella wrote:

That's sad to hear. I've loved ED for a long time and was looking forward to doing it again this league as a solid starter using some of the gimmicks that they unfortunately nerfed this league. I've done ED trickster a dozen times now, doing mom, ci, low life, hybrid, etc.

Do you think Occultist into standard lowlife with Shav's is the way to go then? (No petrified blood). I'm not looking for 100% delirious mapping, but Maven and friends, etc. Just not sure how it feels since the large content update.

I mean, ED is still viable and very strong early. The problem with these nerfs is the very endgame potential. It'll still do things like the feared and such, just on a slightly higher budget. But for 100% maps, deeper delve, or difficult carries, it was on a tight rope and the nerfs kinda push it in "not enough damage" territory.

I just don't think it's worth investing past a few dozen exalts in ED anymore. On a lower budget, CI is still very good, you'll have good enough damage until deep red maps, and it is enough to clear endgame bosses. On a higher budget, yeah, lowlife occultist is most likely a good option. But keep in mind most other skills would perform far better at high investment. That's why I don't think ED's not a viable minmaxing target right now. I think the power between Lowlife occultist and this will be somewhat comparable, lowlife occultist being much easier to get going.

So... Idk. I think it's time to use another skill if you're an experienced player. And if you're a newer player, you should play CI ED instead. Come back here in poe 2.0, it'll 100% be completely broken.

DongKingKong wrote:
I wonder if on low budget we just compromise by just switching from bow and quiver to wand and prism guardian ad reserve petrifued blood plus +1 more aura. Less damage but more survivale and relatively cheap

You can, there's just no real adventage in doing so compared to a simple CI setup.
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Sad to hear, but this build has served many, many people well for a long time.
What are you thinking about league starting with, Darkxellmc?
This is absolutely fine for league starting, just reroll once you hit T16 maps and endgame
hmm well using petrified basically like having a full life pool , you can reserve arrogance ( at lv 18 i tihnk) with spider at its 50% putting you exactly at petrified no life use but youll have high value aspect of the spider and you cna get pain attuinment which is 30% somewhat covering the lose of beserker and now you ahve extra slot for immortal call to cover the damage protect lose and what ever else might exist for low life builds. can even get petrifed on arrogence depending how it scales or just discipline with mass mana reservation will get to 58% reserve so not sure about that. also dont need to use shavs so only jsut a bit of slot changes i think? also now you have a free slot on tree. curious how reap works to maybe use , same with lifetap.
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Is ED/C still can be used with spell slinger without the helm enchant? No one is doing chaoslinger for 3.14 guide
ttwanksta wrote:
Is ED/C still can be used with spell slinger without the helm enchant? No one is doing chaoslinger for 3.14 guide

So, picking up Charisma you should be able to go ED + Spellslinger + 3 support(fe Controlled Destruction, Efficacy, Void Manipulation) and Contagion + Spellslinger + Increased AoE. And this was calculated with lvl 1 Spellslinger, with both at level 20, you can add Swift Affliction to ED.
I think about starting like that and switching to selfcast around red maps, but definitely not going to keep with Spellslinger setup for whole time, as damage difference is HUGE.
Yeah spellslinger is awful in red maps but very good until then

These are the notes I have for the switch at level 28 :
SS soulrend (efficacy) (swift)
SS contagion (inc aoe)
SS ED efficacy swift (void manip) (controlled)
Frenzy hextouch despair lmp/gmp
Flame dash second wind arcane surge

(parenthesis is the supports you add as you get more mana to reserve)
Soulrend is a good addition for clear. Just start with almost no supports early, then add them as you get reduced reservation nodes (you get the ones below shadow start, and then the ones top left of templar start). Once you're in maps I think you can do 5L ED, inc AOE contagion and 4L soulrend.

Early gear priorities are cane of unravelling, hyrri's ire, witchfire brew

Here's a loose pastebin for level 70 :
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Guys, any advices about what to put in a replica maloney's, beside frenzy?

Anomalous Frenzy - Hextouch - Despair
Anomalous Frenzy - Culling strike - Toxic rain

I think I kinda like the cull+ TR route more, as it frees up slots WAY earlier and gives room for much better gloves like elevated evade + elder dot multi. TR actually does half decent damage on its own, probably way more than what the mods on a regular quiver gave, and the slow will be just great.
I was just wondering, for bossing would the enemy mobs spawned from vaal breach be of any help in increasing the boss dps?
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RajivAiyar wrote:
I was just wondering, for bossing would the enemy mobs spawned from vaal breach be of any help in increasing the boss dps?

No. Only the strongest instance of essence drain deals damage at any point, meaning even if you contagion overlap a boss and he gets many ED "stacks", you won't be dealing more damage than a single stack, or regenerating more.

Vaal breach is not worth the socket on this build.

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