[3.13] Ultimate EDTrickster [2M dps - UNKILLABLE] Updating in progress, petrified blood incoming!

Now that is an upgrade to the vertex. Looses a bit of evasion, but damn it's worth it!
You say were blinding and chilling for defense, is there some source of blind i'm missing? Liking the guide so far!
So, I killed Shaper last week and was going to upgrade my gear before Uber Elder. I didn't upgrade my items but I did kill Uber Elder for my first time ever. I did die 4 times though because of the boss mechanics. If I could fight him again, I could possibly do it deathless. My DPS was more than enough to deal with them and their portals even when my gear wasn't even fully decked out (e.g. my bow is missing the good mods, non-quality gems, etc.). I've spent maybe 6 exalts on this gear with my empower lv4 costing ~3.5 ex for anyone curious.

So if anyone's curious about this builds potential, I'd definitely try this build out.

Still trying to figure out how exactly to feel bit more tanky with this build; so far i'm sitting with:

I'm thinking just need to get some higher life rolls on a bit of my gear; swapped some points out of the mana regen nodes to pick up the gem sockets earlier. Saw that you've got an onslaught abyss gem and that sounds like a good idea as well. The lethal pride I picked up was kinda shitty too, so thinking about trying another =/
Here is my set up, very tanky.

I switched to your set up today Dark, as I thought it had some good min /maxing ideas, like your rings for instance; clever.
I managed to find a few potential base rings for 2-5 chaos...just had to remove a crafted mod and annul a third unwanted mod. ended up with

My next step on my Trickster is divining a Lethal Pride to be worth using. ( or just buying another one?)

Sweet ED build dude. Also enjoyed the bickering on early pages. DD is over rated and pretty useless here. The Perfect Form is a valid option I think but ultimately not the best here. Arctic Armour isn't anything to jump for joy about when you don't get hit 90% of the time. All this chest does is save passive points, or avoiding Acrobatics, at the expense of a inferior evasion chest.

On a side note...trying to figure out why POB says I have a 61% chance to dodge attacks when my character sheet says 64%.
POB should agree with the 64%.
Also I have a 50% chance to dodge spells...POB says 40%. What's up with POB?
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Uber elder down deathless(first time deathless) the build is soo damn good at that fight that should be illegal
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caladblog wrote:

Uber elder down deathless(first time deathless) the build is soo damn good at that fight that should be illegal

Agreed. This is just busted. Say good bye to ED/Contagion. Back to the stone age once GGG finds out how busted this is.
I too just finished off Uber Elder deathless, and man is this bonkers. No bs, Did it in under 4 min.
Tbh, I never in my tenure playing poe, would have thought that I would ever go back to ED/Contagion. I hated it back then, and never thought I would return to it, but wtf its crazy af with this build. (fyi, the watcher eye jewel with malevolence is just crazy af) I figured, eh just make it for the monolith farming, but decided to take it a bit further with the currency I saved up to finish league, and am VERY impress. I thought, well fk it, lets try uber elder and just fk around. If I killed this toon, ill finish it off with my cyclone slayer. And what do you know after killing all guardians ( zero deaths btw). Dead shaper & uber elder.
So far, impress. didn't believe it would go this far at lvl 93. Put shit on that I had scrounge up, and boom. Uelder killer. I followed this guide half ass (no offense to op) but did some things different and holy shit. Impressed. I mostly followed the guide, (and looked at what others are doing) and tweak it just a bit. A'la timeless jewel. and already cleared everything thrown at this toon. Very tanky, crazy dot dps, and good clear speed. Thumbs up from me.
6.6k mom ehp
idk dot dps. It's good from when watching uelder fight.
17,171 eva w/flask up. w/o is about 6,620. With timeless jewel and kintsugi I get about 70% increased in eva (which idk what it is due to I nvr looked) when I get hit.
Also 40% less dmg taken when not being hit recently. Once I get hit it will dock off the initial hit by the 40%, and then the 70% eva will kick in. Its crazy.
Under 20ex invested. (watcher eye was 10ex) all self found.

This sentiment was summed up by a member of our design team who recently said "We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting an item, scared to see whether you ruined it or not."

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on the crafted bow could i put increased chaos dmg instead of resis?
TheRoyalShu wrote:

17,171 eva w/flask up. w/o is about 6,620.

I have 16,190 withOUT a Jade flask. That's how much your current set up is hurting you, just saying.
MrPiercy wrote:
on the crafted bow could i put increased chaos dmg instead of resis?

Of course. Chaos damage is obviously better, assuming your resists are filled elsewhere.
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